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  • 09 Eylül 2014, Salı 12:39

Attention to Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

Attention to Diabetes-Related Eye Disease
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Eye Diseases Specialist Operator .

Samsun news: Eye Diseases Specialist Operator . Dr. UNC saint of diabetes by disrupting the structure of blood vessels in the body from damage caused in many organs , said:\"I ​​do not forget that diabetes usually only negligent and causes of blindness in patients who take good care of yourself ,\"he said .
Medical Park Samsun Hospital, Eye from the Department of Health and Disease Oper . Dr. Saints Freckles \"diabetes-related eye diseases, \"gave information about . Dr. Freckles \"Every year millions of people with diabetes-related eye problems are caused by vision loss live. Diabetes in our body, blood vessels, disturbing the structure in many organ damage is caused . Favorites again our eyes vessels supplying the structure of the corrupting influence shows . Walls weakened retinal blood vessels, blood and serum extravasation intraocular hemorrhage caused escaped and payment is made and the consequent loss of vision , \"he said .
diabetic patients should undergo a comprehensive eye examination every six months , emphasizing that Dr. Saints Freckles , \"This controls the purpose , the resulting internal bleeding and edema at an early stage to catch and if necessary, is to treat . The treatment if delayed vision loss and even blindness may occur. Treatment before your eyes angiography pulling damage type and grade is determined . Then laser treatment or intraocular injections is trying to resolve the problems that occur . Much delayed , sometimes surgery may also be required in cases , \"he said .
Oper . Dr. Saints UNC gave the following information:\"The patients with diabetes , the biggest misconception One of the only blood sugar is too high if the eye problem that is . Diabetic eye damage, blood sugar is too high seyretmes can also occur . However, the blood sugar is very well laid out , your blood pressure ( arm blood pressure ) in the normal range can be kept , blood fat and cholesterol levels are normal levels of the diabetic damage later and is less severe . these reasons all diabetic patients to do six months eyes checked to be . Besides a very good blood sugar control should be ensured, blood pressure and blood fat, should not increase . now , do not forget to take good care of diabetes usually only negligent and its causes blindness in patients . \"

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