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  • 23 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 11:46

Attention to Diabetic Foot

Attention to Diabetic Foot
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Obesity rates in the world and in our country, along with the increase of the prevalence of diabetes is increasing .

Adana news: Obesity rates in the world and in our country, along with the increase of the prevalence of diabetes is increasing . In developed countries, a significant portion of the budget invested in health , diabetes , and that this disease brings blindness, kidney failure, additional health problems such as heart disease goes . One of the problems of the diabetic foot and diabetic patients as an important cause of severe disability in the stands .
ROOTED Infarction RISK
diabetic foot disease due to diabetes feet extending nerve and vascular deterioration of the immune system due to a breakdown in feet healing of open wounds , gangrene and severe microbial infections emergence of identifiable Baskent University private Capital Research and Application Center Orthopedics Department doctors Specialist Dr. Mustafa Call Hunter, \"Diabetic foot prevention of the first to do blood sugar is kept under control . Adequate treatment and control in patients with nerve and vascular damage will increase, blindness, and vascular occlusion risk will increase ,\"he said .
fEET HURT must be checked in in the feet of diabetic patients
cuts, abrasions , burns, wounds , such as the need to check at least once a noted Exp . Dr. Call Hunter, \"the patient's eyes saw enough not by someone else should be checked. Diabetes in patients with skin problems more than usual can be seen. For this reason, diabetic patients'personal care and cleaning are important. Patients feet a day at least once wash and completely dry it should . Foot skin from drying out and cracking to prevent the feet moisturizer should be applied , \"he said .
barefoot AROUND
of patients with diabetes at the foot of the senses nerve damage , depending on the time will be lost for the feet that occur in wounds feel have begun to save the Hunter, conversation continued as follows:
\"Therefore, patients with diabetes bare feet or legs keeping their slippers walking should .'s elections feet will not disturb the interior with a soft, ergonomic shoes made ​​between and recently-acquired pair of shoes , they often in the feet blistering or redness check whether there should . Without wearing shoes inside must be sure that any foreign bodies . When the feet get cold feet never touched a hot object should be avoided. Stockinged feet must be protected . Foot calluses and sores in their patients should not interfere . Their feet in no way irritating drugs and compounds, acid-containing corn remedies should be applied . \"
foot shape is changed immediately
Foot occur in wounds and discoloration are important, emphasizing that Hunters , at the end of his speech , the wound begins to occur when any change or if not so , foul-smelling discharge occur treatment should be initiated without delay , \"he said .

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