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  • 24 Eylül 2013, Salı 14:39

Attention to facebook! Facebook warning for parents

Attention to facebook! Facebook warning for parents
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Please note that parents facebook! Facebook warning closely related to children ...

the German government, their families social networking sites ( Facebook , Twitter) about warned. Sticky Thread for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Ministry; to protect families, children of the dangers on the Internet to check the security settings for sites, doubt pile vazgeçirmelerini children using social networking sites wanted.

anyone over the age of 13, according to the terms of use of Facebook can be a member of facebook. Is an initiative launched by the German government Schaum HIN warns parents about social networking sites. who had neglected safety issue Facebook Schaum HIN, children do not find the appropriate use of Facebook.

initiative Kristin experts Langer,"Social networking sites, negligent acts regarding data protection and youth protection. Sticky Thread For this reason, Facebook is not recommended for minors." says. With their children, allowing parents to enroll their children's facebook private information and security settings need adjustment.

Children age groups the appropriate settings on Facebook if you can benefit from using his real age. This search engine is searched for according to the settings can not be found on Facebook's children by foreigners. Friends lists people who do not send their message.

Schaum HIN, Facebook offers settings for children does not reach enough. Adult social networking sites are not adapted to their age Only if personal settings literally unable to curb the use of information for advertising purposes. Select specific settings that users who want to protect the privacy of your ad needs to close.

to sensitize parents to bring their children using social networking sites, not share private information, and strangers to warn people not to include lists of friends is required. Otherwise, the list of friends of young people who benefit from the information shared with foreign entities.

HIN Schaum's intervention for their child's age and interests, and research on the social networking site's security settings sites are advised to take note of. for children The founders of the site, followed by social networking sites are being prepared. Site administrators involved in important cases, and images can be shared writing. Children of such sites can register only with the permission of the families.


Attention to facebook! Facebook warning for parents" comments for.


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