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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 13:18

Attention to Low-Risk Pregnancy

Attention to Low-Risk Pregnancy
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Special Optimed Hospital Gynecologists and Obstetricians Op.

Tekirdağ news: Special Optimed Hospital Gynecologists and Obstetricians Op. Dr.. Heather Doğaroğl clinically detected 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancies spontaneously miscarry, he said.
Many factors including the mother's age affects the risk of miscarriage noted that the Op. Dr.. Doğaroğl,"the 20 women under the age lower risk of 12 percent, over 40 women this risk to 26 percent increase. Unnoticed reduced pregnancies are taken into consideration if, in fact, spontaneous abortion rates are higher. So some pregnancies, the number of units immediately before the commencement is lost"he said.
a woman who had an abortion at a time, it was less than 30 percent of the repetition rate of voicing Doğaroğl, four in women after pregnancy loss was 54 percent lower risk of recurrence, pointed out that the. Doğaroğl for"Some women multiple pregnancy losses occur. Recurrent pregnancy loss 20th week before or fetal weight of 500 grams is less than 3 consecutive spontaneous low is defined as. These women 4 pregnancy after loss, low repetition of the risk 54 percent more than it is. Whole per cent of women 0.5-1 recurrent fetal loss is observed. recurrent pregnancy loss have many causes are. however, the percentage of women in 50 no cause was found. recurrent miscarriage in the only deciding factor, not the usually large number of factors thought to be effective,"he said.
of the most important causes of recurrent pregnancy loss is an expression that genetic factors Op. Dr.. Doğaroğl, the"chromosomal disorders miscarriage the most common reason. The fetus if it becomes the first three-month low of 60 percent chromosomal abnormalities are responsible. Resulting fetuses chromosome have increased or can be decreased. Most common 13,16,18,21 and 22 of chromosome abnormalities in monitored . Again parental chromosomes anomalies recurrent miscarriage may cause. recurrent miscarriage couples with research in this ratio in the 2-3 per cent was found. parents often external appearance is normal,"he said.
pregnancy causing the loss of one of the factors of the anatomical disorders that emphasizes Doğaroğl,"the second most important cause of congenital or acquired anatomic disorders. Women in congenital anatomic abnormalities, usually the first three months of the next term, low causes. Frequently, within the uterus existing septa double-horned uterus, double uterus such abnormalities are observed. So Congenital female internal genital organs complete development. these types of women gestational even forwards generally results are bad. premature birth, fetal growth restriction and birth the baby's arrival abnormalities are experienced. Females recurrent pregnancy loss, which causes anatomic abnormalities acquired can be. low cause which acquired anatomic abnormalities of the group are fibroids in the uterus existing adhesions, in the womb, the 'des' called hormone exposure, the cervix failure,"he said.
Hormonal causes the body's immune system-related diseases, infections and environmental factors also Why is the transfer of low Doğaroğl the diagnosis in women with recurrent miscarriage benefit from some tests they said to go.
received a good history of the patient prior to treatment voicing Op. Dr.. Doğaroğl, the"Later infection to investigate cultures are taken. Thyroid function tests, blood sugar, immunological factors are investigated. Couple of both genetic research is done. Hormonal factors to detect endometrial biopsy can be done. Together in the blood progesterone levels are detected. Anatomical anomalies to detect To histerosolpingograf, pelvic ultrasound, computed tomography or magnetic resonance containing imaging consulted. Again diagnosis under anesthesia histereroskop or diagnostic laparoscopy can be done,"he said.
recurrent miscarriages TREATMENT
50 percent in women with recurrent miscarriages can not be found, highlight Open a reason. Dr.. Doğaroğl, why No causal treatment if determined, he said.
Doğaroğl, the"If the reason there has not been generally supportive treatment is recommended. Abortions due to genetics, genetic counseling is recommended. Cheap cause of anatomic anomalies usually surgical treatment becomes necessary. hormonal abnormalities have been observed treatment is given and the missing hormone is reinforced. infection diagnosis If the subject is treated with appropriate antibiotics. Environmental factors are corrected. Cigarettes, alcohol, drunk, if leave is provided. blocked if there is exposure to toxins"he said.

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