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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:15

Attention to Nutrition in Ramadan

Attention to Nutrition in Ramadan
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Ceren Adiyaman private Park Hospital Dietitian Tanriverdi, in the month of Ramadan nutrition issues to be considered in the descriptions found .

Adıyaman news: Ceren Adiyaman private Park Hospital Dietitian Tanriverdi, in the month of Ramadan nutrition issues to be considered in the descriptions found .
during Ramadan, the water loss , that loss of water in the post-iftar compensation that you need Tanriverdi, \"the summer season and rising hot because our people to fluid loss must pay great attention . during Ramadan , especially fluid loss more than that reason, especially Iftar and sahur time between the at least two liters a near liquid supplements should be done. apart from this, the month of Ramadan prolonged fasting after we eat the stomach to enormous pressure occurs. Dining Night constipation, stomach pain and heartburn symptoms like are faced with. Its always to as we suggest in Ramadan iftar with the opening of our food slowly and thoroughly chewing should eat . before dinner, two glasses of water to drink you need . Dining prebiotic soup to drink , and then to dinner to cross would be more appropriate , \"he said .
iftar during the overly fatty , fried and spicy foods should be avoided as much as possible stating that Tanriverdi , \"rather than frying and roasting style dishes , boiled, grilled or baked food should be preferred. Avoid eating too much . Should be preferred to eat more vegetable dishes alongside soup, salad, yogurt should be studied to additional , located between the sine qua non of summer fruits, yogurt, buttermilk, milk and dairy products should be consumed in abundance . Iftar and Suhoor between a half and two hours near the time a meal should be done , \"he said .
Heart, blood pressure, and especially diabetics fasting to be careful about , if the fasting people who want no one to control physicians fasting correctly that would be Tanriverdi \"the month of Ramadan has come to a warm period while fasting for the elderly and the sick in warm and sunny conditions should very roam . In addition to this, our patients with kidney disease who experienced the loss of water while fasting may constitute nuisance to them . Kidney patients without consulting their physicians do not recommend fasting . Saher is one of the most important meal . Sahr eat heavy meals should be avoided after boarding because breakfast-style foods as much as possible should be preferred. In addition, heavy meals eaten during the day in Ramadan sahurda because you need to get protein-containing foods . Cheese , eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives, unsalted foods should be preferred , \"he said .

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