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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:08

Attention to Psoriasis

Attention to Psoriasis
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Healing from the University Department of Dermatology Assoc.

İzmir news: Healing from the University Department of Dermatology Assoc. Dr.. Fatma Haba fact, due to other diseases that accompany the disease of psoriasis is now recognized as a systematic said. Healing Botanica
University Hospital Dermatology Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Fatma Haba fact, misconceptions about psoriasis in society, noting that warned about the disease seriously. Recently associated with psoriasis is one of the major research centers in Dallas, Baylor Research Institute, participate in activities at the level of both clinical and laboratory Assoc. Dr.. Haba, innocent as accepted in the society of psoriasis is not a disease, he said. Of psoriasis, one of the most common skin disease that the emphasis Haba, the incidence rate of 2-3 per cent, he said. Haba, chronic, recurrent, often knee and elbow areas on the scalp, palms and soles, rash, with white dandruff goes with this disease; nowadays concomitant diseases due to a systemic disease is considered to be said. Haba,"In recent years, studies psoriasis to, diabetes, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, obesity, infectious diseases, often accompanied revealed that,"he said.
Haba, also of psoriasis permanent damage goes with joint involvement that you can do, so this disease is not only an aesthetic problem, especially severe and widespread disease in patients with quality of life and affecting the duration of a case that drew attention.
of psoriasis patients with concomitant systemic disease less often emphasized the importance of changing their habits for life Assoc. Dr.. Haba,"Psoriasis patients should get rid of the excess weight, smoking and sport should do,"he said. Also in psoriasis stress factors to the importance of addressing Haba, exacerbation of the disease in exacerbating stress factors play an important role, and that depression in patients seen more frequently, he said.
Treatment with biological agents
Although psoriasis is a chronic and recurrent disease is a disease that can be treated nowadays indicating Assoc. Dr.. Haba, used to treat skin cream applied on very advanced nowadays, unlike drugs, he said. For this purpose, 'biological agents', described as engaged in the telling of new drugs Haba, finally,"Psoriasis is your destiny,"he said.

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