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  • 12 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 13:51

Attention to Red Eye Diseases

Attention to Red Eye Diseases
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Eye Diseases Specialist Operator.

Samsun news: Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr.. Düriye to İlbag, especially in winter with falling body resistance to disease become apparent in his eyes, he said.
Hospitalpark Farm Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Group Greater Anatolia Op. Dr.. Düriye İlbag, chilly winter days, people pay attention to eye health, warned in respect of. The cold winter months, especially in enclosed areas people frequently spend time in crowded environments eye infection that led to the voicing doors Oper. Dr.. Düriye İlbag,"the crowded and confined environments eye infections spread quickly able. This sense of microbial disease-causing eye discomfort 'red-eye' disease we call it. Especially colds and throat infections, the virus that causes the eye easily infects infection can lead to. Eyes of the white of the part this disease that turns red redness, ocular discharge, burning, stinging and pain leads to such complaints,"he said.
shake AVOID
appears neither drug nor a specialist doctor indicating that the drops should not be used in Open Eye Disease Specialist. Dr.. Düriye İlbag"Red eye disease, those caught an expert appearing hearsay medication with or drops are using. This use is very wrong in your eyes irreversible damage can cause. This sense do see a doctor is required. Nevertheless transmission of the disease to prevent the hands frequently, wash red eye, shake hands with the people who should be avoided."he spoke.

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