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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 09:50

Attention to Seasonal Influenza

Attention to Seasonal Influenza
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Mersin Family Physician Association President Dr.

Mersin news: Mersin Family Physician Association President Dr. Robust Sen, this month the seasonal flu to pay attention to the need , said:\"Every year, seasonal flu outbreaks due over 65 years from 300 to 500 thousand of people are killed . Influenza protected from anyone who wants to influenza vaccination ,\"he said .
Sen in statements related to the seasonal flu , a virus of the influenza virus constantly mutates every year due to the emergence of a new virus , he said. New virus vulnerable to disease in people with a very easy and fast transmission because the epidemic may cause underlines Sen , \"Influenza virus flu that is undergoing a person's coughing and sneezing , speaking into the air dispersed viruses healthy by individuals by inhalation is transmitted . Typically, the sudden onset of high fever , muscle pain, throat burning sensation and pain , dry cough , runny nose , headache , chest burning sensation, eye pain and sensitivity to light influenza in people who may be seen. however, before a similar influenza virus have encountered or individuals vaccinated severe influenza disease killing less likely , \"he said .
flu epidemic of the elderly to be more careful Sen stressed the need , \"the world each year due to seasonal flu outbreaks over the age of 65 between 300 and 500 thousand people are killed . influenza-related deaths in patients with disease risk is 0.5 to 1 per thousand . About 80 percent of these deaths occur in people 65 years and older are . Therefore, everyone over the age of 65 years to 5 years if a flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine administration would recommend them to be in possession of a vaccination card . Anyone who wants to be protected from influenza flu vaccine can do. However, for the disease risk group with chronic lung and heart diseases , immune suppressed patients , nursing-homes for the elderly living in the renal dysfunction and such patients to look at the case of those who , 6-23 months old children , 4th month of pregnancy since pregnant women be vaccinated would recommend . However, health professionals, journalists, policemen, teachers , school employees and students should be vaccinated , \"he said .
\" end of October WEEK OR NOVEMBER FIRST WEEK can get vaccinated \"< br/> Sen also gives information about the flu vaccine , \"it is useful to follow the news and our environment , but if the news of an epidemic early last week of October or the first week of November, you can book . In fact, you can make every moment you are at risk , but your chances of finding pharmacies outside of these months is very small. Influenza caused by the influenza virus vaccine only prevents flu . Other viruses that cause the common cold does not prevent the disease known as . Flu vaccine flu vaccine under 9 years and will be the first time children complete at least 4 weeks apart twice the dose in children 6 months to 3 years old up to half the dose should be applied . Likely to have the disease because flu viruses change every year influenza vaccine should be administered once every year . In mid-October the vaccine will provide protection until March . Therefore, if an outbreak of pandemic flu on the news or the environment, or to postpone vaccination until November, I suggest you do . Within 1-2 weeks after influenza vaccination immunity arises. In addition, infants, children and adolescents who contract the flu, they should not use aspirin . In case of using so-called Reye's syndrome and the risk of fatal diseases are rare, though , \"he said.

Attention to Seasonal Influenza" comments for.


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