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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:56

Attention to the symptoms of Behcet's disease

Attention to the symptoms of Behcet's disease
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Behcet's disease is seen in children, but more often that records are usually 20-40's in life, experts pointed out that the symptoms of the disease for early diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Park Hospital dermatologist Dr. Samsun. Yüksel Oltulu, Behcet's disease, sores in the mouth and genital areas, and noted that a chronic disease that can cause inflammation. Dr. Oltulu elevated in some patients, arthritis (joint inflammation), blood vessel inflammation and blockage digestive tract, cause inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, he said.

all patients with Behçet's disease, emphasizing the Oltulu drew a different picture,"the most common manifestation of Behçet's disease, lips, inside the cheeks and tongue painful ulcer can be seen. Seen in almost all patients. Percent in the groin area can be, on the ridge around the red inflammatory form. legs might seem to be darker, and even better, they leave behind."he spoke.

said Dr. Behçet's disease is caused by joint pain. Oltulu,"knee, hand, ankle swelling seen. Vessels inflammation occurs. Damarlarındaysa If this is your brain is very severe headaches. Serious health problems occur as a result of inflammation of the kidneys and lungs. This disease is seen in children between the ages of 20 to 40 people, they are often more prone to occur. men incidence is more than women. Some genes thought to increase the tendency of moving against the disease. Although tentative settled into the mouth although microbes and viruses are thought to be effective in this disease."she said.

appropriate for the understanding of Behcet's disease is an expression that the best method dermatologist Dr. pathergy test. Oltulu rise,"in this test means the solution formed is injected under the skin helps the skin using a needle or other means is applied, and the solution is drilled. One or two days later on if red or inflamed skin or consists of small and large blisters kabarıklıklarda sivilcemsi shows a development the result is considered positive. treatment process works according to the patient's condition. physicians or physicians are specialists in the field of disease not reached the level of threat they bring conviction to protect joints, drug use, or to improve the existing difficulties."said.

Attention to the symptoms of Behcet's disease" comments for.


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