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Attention used during pregnancy Cream

Attention used during pregnancy Cream
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Dermatology Specialist Dr.

Samsun news: Dermatology Specialist Dr. Oltulu rise in pregnancy, routinely used for skin care creams may not be appropriate for the baby , he noted.
Medical Park Hospital Dermatology Clinic specializing in Samsun . Dr. Oltulu increase \"the most experienced skin diseases in pregnancy \"gave information about . Dr. Oltulu said , \"Pregnancy Some ladies skin smooth , as do some of the ladies in the skin troubles can create . Pregnancy acne number one problem is seen as . Acne as well as redness, itching and skin discoloration as well woes are some . Care of your skin as a routine that you use creams anymore may not be appropriate for the baby , \"he said .
acne during pregnancy often seen around the mouth and chin said Dr. Rise oltulu \"Acne is not treated even after birth may continue. During pregnancy benzoyl peroxide , salicylic acid-containing products should not be used . During pregnancy are safe to use certain drugs dermatology doctor's control can use this in ,\"he said .
During pregnancy other a common distress stressed that the regional blackened percent Exp . Dr. Rise oltulu , \"Pregnancy hormones and sunlight these problems is the source . Skin , this color change in the breasts , groin, and back at the bottom can be seen . This pigmentation troubles a definite no solution but away from the sun stand can be useful and of course sunscreen in it should be noted ,\"he said. < br/> Dermatology Specialist Dr. Rise oltulu gave the following information:\"The Pregnancy skin in distress hormones and skin stretch is caused by . Most common waist itching PUPPP ( Pruritic Urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy ) is. Belly began in itching rapidly groin , chest and hips can spread . PUPPP is not dangerous and after childbirth are lost, but really is very disturbing . prescription given creams can help. If you're itching a lot and fluid-filled blisters turn into immediately consult your doctor because this immune system reaction may be and the baby's health affect may increase the risk . many pregnant women harmless in the whole body which itch is suffering from . mostly beautiful a humidifier can help . should be noted , however, still any skin irritation and excessive itching should consult your doctor . \"

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