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  • 19 Ağustos 2013, Pazartesi 14:09

AÜ'de target of 100 thousand students in 60 countries

AÜ'de target of 100 thousand students in 60 countries
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Anadolu University (AU) Rector. Dr. David Aydın, the only university in which they were exported to overseas resources, the objectives of education and training activities at the end of the third year, 100 thousand foreign students from 60 countries, continuing to reach holdings, he said.

Rector. Dr. David Aydin, said that Baku is currently in Brussels, Cyprus, education and training activities in 30 countries in Western Thrace bulunduklarını up abroad, said that 20 thousand students. 10 thousand of these students in Europe, two thousand in Azerbaijan, explaining that the Professor. Dr. Aydın'Biz Azerbaijan came within 4 years, and there have campus. Last year, Western Thrace, Kosovo, Macedonia started. This year begins in Bulgaria. Thus, I hope that this year students in 35 countries, providing education and training services, we are a university. So the only üniversiteyiz Anadolu University exported abroad as information. Our goal is 100 thousand foreign students from 60 countries at the end of the third year olmasıdır'dedi.

Europe! Went to either of the two public institutions

at the University of Anatolia devirdiklerini 55 years, a very high organizational ability, entrepreneurial abilities, which explaining that a university Rector. Dr. David Aydın'Bu entrepreneurial capabilities within the framework of the Cyprus Peace Operation, for the first time we went to the Anadolu University. Training for all public officials in Cyprus, we have performed there, and still have six thousand students. There, the first experience of overseas workers going abroad and then return to our hopes in Western Europe after the 1980s they also began to disappear there appeared a very serious educational needs. You state that the two institutions as the project went on down there. Presidency of Religious Affairs for religious services, educational services as Anadolu University as we went to Cologne. He said the project today, more than 10 thousand university oldu'diye.

Prof. Dr. Aydın, university abroad is not enough, the emergence of citizens said they saw the need for junior high and high school. Therefore, Ministry of Education and secondary school applications abroad since 20 years and they are opting for open expression Aydin, the description said;

work in progress on the Turkish Republics and Middle East

So the West Anadolu University, a doctorate in education from secondary schools in Europe are giving our education. Began to demand a doctor and seeing them now. If we turn him every age group will continue our activities as a university education at all levels. Then we added to it and there are 500 students from Western Thrace there is increasing steadily. Afterwards, Kosovo, Macedonia offices opened, started. Here too, the 2nd year of training, and continues to have passed. This year Bulgaria will include the chain. Of course, this is a global project, the project opened up the world, bringing in the business work. In this context, demand is constant. Azerbaijan is the most interesting of claims came four years ago. Azerbaijan Business Association and Eurasia Eurasia ambassador who served at that time invited there. Education in the past, Turkish language, knowing the culture of the sufferings of the shortage of personnel and staff have said they want to run. On top of that we go to a student even said, but 150 students started in Azerbaijan. Currently, there is a community college student at campus and two thousand. Now they are working on other Turkish Republics and Middle East. '

14'üdür percent of network economy alone Eskişehir

UA, where a separate office 110, 8 thousand staff and 2 million 250 thousand students that they were the world's second-largest university in the University (AU) Rector. Dr. David Aydin,"Do not look only numerically students, there are many qualified students. Eskisehir is also the third community college campus, 30 thousand students. Eskişehir gross domestic product of $ 2 billion per year, which is a 4 trillion contribute. 60 thousand people associated with the University of Eskisehir Anadolu. Ie, the city's population of 50 thousand 700 thousand people, including the students think that our university is today one of every seven people or as a student or spending income within the relationship. Its monetary dimension corresponds to about 14 percent of the gross national product created in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Anadolu University alone 14'üdür percent of the economy. In their art, culture, sports, as well as other activities in the 15-percent 16'lara I suppose if you put out. Eskişehirliler probably aware of this case. '

AÜ'de target of 100 thousand students in 60 countries" comments for.


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