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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:06

Audio, Seeks Correction of Working Conditions

Audio, Seeks Correction of Working Conditions
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Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) members of the Board of Eskisehir Branch Nariman Agaoglu, laborers working in the field of social services that has been ongoing for quite exposed to the trivialization claimed that policy .

Eskişehir news: Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) Eskisehir Branch Board member Nariman Agaoglu, social services working in the field laborers as long lasting devaluing policies had been subjected claimed.
Personal rights for the improvement of any steps have been taken and several liability by installing in severe conditions operated stressed that they Agaoglu, \"Moreover, in the public services subcontracted work to expand our organization at full speed continues , we are job security is threatened . Employees are facing one of the problems the promotion exams resulting from failure are problems ,\"he said .
Agaoglu, Family and social Policy in the Ministry of Provincial Directorates and its affiliates in the ancillary services on the staff but with the General Administrative services cadre of employees in the work , executed in high school, and bachelor's degree graduates to date, title changes related examinations opening and inter-agency transition stopping due grievances had said .
different public institutions and organizations in a similar position personnel for the title changes regularly for exams is turned on but they are affiliated to the ministry exam done voicing Agaoglu, he continued:
\"Family and Social Policy Ministry experienced in these grievances a moment ago to remedy ancillary services included in the class staff serving in the personnel of the majority of high school , associate degree or bachelor's degree is also considering auxiliary services class roster of employees a one-time without examination General Administrative services class relayed to the injustices remedied demand. In the absence of this, a moment ago of the Promotion and Change of Title Examination want done . Our union to be sent to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Turkey, we have collected signatures will be held in the provinces will send press releases to the Ministry . \"

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