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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:51

Australian Market curiosity Victims of Family

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Victims who do not want to wait in the markets as citizens flocked to the markets in the morning sacrifice .

İstanbul news: Victims of child victims in the market segment that followed , while market interest in an Australian family also drew attention to the victims .
Piyalepaşa Boulevard established in Beyoglu victims began density in the market . Citizens in the early hours of the morning to wait in line for victims flocked to the market . Citizens who want to cut the victim has lived a hard stubborn animals . When we refuse truck ride to the sacrificial animals with some victims difficult moments. Some citizens are uploaded to their small ruminants car . Victims breathtaking citizens, \"early in the morning came . Crowded but now comfortable. Thankfully ,\"he said .
The other hand, small children victims markets came to the victim sector pursued were also seen .
Australian families SACRIFICE MARKET
Victims market drew attention to the family of an Australian tourist . Australian family coming to Istanbul for holiday tour guides tell the victims that they want to see the market on the guide brought them to the cattle market . Australian couple , saying they wanted to show their children the victims of the market , \"a different experience for us and our children . We've seen it before but had not seen our children . Wanted to show it to them ,\"he said .

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