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  • 02 Şubat 2014, Pazar 12:56

Author Ahmet Ümit:"Murder is one of those moments of Personality Appeared"

Author Ahmet Ümit:
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Known for his crime novels and the last period of the most important items of Turkish literature Ahmet Ümit, the murder of personality, said it was one of those moments that arise.

İstanbul news:  Known for his crime novels and the last period of the most important items of Turkish literature Ahmet Ümit, the murder of personality, said it was one of those moments that arise. Hope, works to be adapted to cinema and theater thinking about the negative things, said:"Due to contribute to the different branches of art'm happy,"he said.
Crime novels recognized but fairy tales and poems by hope, never killed someone who murders a very successful able to tell that by saying, assessment:"The explanation for this is empathy. we all actually in-between women and men, young or old, it does not matter-the whole of humanity where there is . within all of us a killer There is also an angel. others for the gratuitous goodness what makes us, we unjustified evils that too. I write poetry, fairy tales I've written, even epic summer but crime novels, also wrote. murder novel writing I do not prefer, murder Processing liked that, people suffer from because I like, of course. This has two reasons. them first, yet when I was 14 a political environment have come into my. 1974 was the year. So Turkey March 12 coup, emerged. Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Cayan such names had died and left an inclination toward began. all of them as well as me, the people around me in the leftist was and what is right and what is wrong to distinguish knowledge do not have 14 years as a child I leftist was. 14 years of age 29 until age 15 years, happened in the line constantly fighting a fight I was in this time period of human life the most important of time. because he had in age that things shape you. lives fighting in combat as well as escape from the police was also there and me my friends were killed. Thus, I lead a life that I began writing, the revealed crime and output voltage.
second reason according to my understanding of literature the earth a better place to do, people better become one supposed to bring. But police therefore did not like and started to research. CALLED two great writers found it on. them one of Shakespeare. Game in the murder of the road Taking the human spirit tries to explain. CALLED help me find the second author is Dostoevsky is. Story of the axis still are murder. 'Why this great writer of murder wrote?' question I asked myself. problem responding when I found the murder of writing I've decided. problem response was:we all face in the Masks and social life many kinds of roles we have. All these roles behind the real got personality. personality is constantly in motion; fixed and changeless nature unlike. Moreover personalities of the people is variable, as prompted on the opposite side so that it is reflected in the can, you never know. And there real personality all its nakedness emerged one of those moments murder moments is. Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky of the human personality in the strict sense, all snuggly with the reveal murder moments they wrote., I see it when I murder Writing decided. literature a mission, if any, that the mission for me the human spirit is to try to explain."
Ahmet Ümit, 'television series was filmed in the direction of your art, movies have been made. In other adaptations of works of art to be done looking at how your water? ' To the question,"I work my cinema and theater on adapting the negative things I do not think. Art of the different branches contribute to the due'm happy."Love groveling is"book to the theater and musicals have been adapted."Fog and Night"and"A Sound Division Night"film versions of my books and one of my novel more adapted to the cinema to expect. 'Commissioner MN while radio drama was performed on the still continues. Moreover' Commissioner MN comics there. Categorized edilince my work literary. works to the cinema to another art adapted to the general complaints revealed. Reads, 'in the book taste, film, or theater you do not get' he says. however reads that work itself which art served with whichever one of art frames in should evaluate."the dark as' Running,"Captain MN"and"The Devil is in the details"View my work sequence was adapted of course, but my work series adaptation more precise about the act yanlısıy am. because the number of other branches Unlike the more commercial area. Array fate of the viewers appreciation of the sets., business concern in accordance with the disclosed subject matter can not be understood, appreciated unless it can be described in the story aspect is really irrelevant unless changed as can be Essence is the divergence can. That's why my work sequences to adapt the special conditions have"was the answer.
a new user than your readers to meet up with the road that there is hope,"in the book of Union and the Progress Party and the angels named a prosecutor there. new novel today, the events will explain, but today live on the basis of events while others in the past will be hidden. fact westernization process also includes the will. Westernization process, II. Mahmut started and I still itself a kind of could not complete. This process better to our understanding of the Ottoman Empire's collapse in the process we need to look. that period the widespread one of the names the Union and Progress Party is. Ben with today in conjunction precisely that period, I want to tell. my book to when you look at history of this land can see. because these lands extraordinary There is a history and land of any country so deep-rooted history in my opinion no. Hittites, Romans, Eastern Romans and Ottomans with this land 200,000-year history. these so to this land 'cradle of civilization' you could say. As an author, I present recounting in the background of this historic want to reflect,"he said.
Üzeyir Garih murder illuminated when trying to dealing with the case of journalists soliciting their ideas noted that Hope,"also press for friends, another interesting murder in cases asked my opinion,"he said.
Pera Palas ' TUE Ahmet Ümit
hope to the hotel room name in granting the said:"Room to one of my name and the resort, Pera Palas Hotel. One day the hotel manager called me and One of the rooms in my name you want to give, he said. Earlier in the hotel rooms all foreign authors' names given. And now one of the rooms a Turkish author's name you want to give, he said. I of this situation would be very happy I told him. This for me is an honor because the Pera Palace Hotel, Beyoglu 's monument one of the buildings. this, as well as for art in terms of value, this event made me happy. Unfortunately, our country names of the artists buildings, streets or on the street about giving stingy. People in the arts while promoting can be monitored One of the ways artists valuable people that society is to show. artist shown countenance, in fact art shown countenance is. these countenance also just for myself, but living in Turkey all the artists name picked, I accepted".
hope 'of Beyoğlu's Most Beautiful Evening' is about his latest novel said:"Beyoglu's Most Beautiful Evening in"the place of the events in Istanbul, Tarlabasi. Positive samples can not be addressed in this book because I think there is nothing positive in Tarlabasi. Once upon a time there lived the Greeks and the time that people here 'get better' thoughts have been banished from the house. Those people are suffering and our culture will be purer and more homogeneous hope we're fed. But things never happened. As our non-ötekileş foremost. However, there are all kinds of people in this land. What we need to do, as we are respecting each other and living together. When we do this, this country will be the country but if you do not do it ... Today we look Tarlabasi will be the ruin Tarlabasi turned into a case. Represents a ghetto in the middle of the city Tarlabasi. Now, there are people who struggle to survive under unsanitary conditions. Therefore, many criminal elements also born here. Nature of this criminal elements stemming from the then plot tells the novel".
'you we a detective novel as the author recognizes, but you actually for children have typed in your books and fairy tales. Masala How did you decide to write? ' Hope on the question,"In Masala Masala 'and' Non-Country 'View I have two fairy tale books. These tales from my mother while trying to write, compile'm on my way. Because these tables time I heard from my mother. Even my mother's greatest contribution is my novelist. My mother was a tailor, girls would come to us as an apprentice. My mother used to tell tales as they get bored, I'd listen. Then the years passed and I forgot this tale. Years later when I went to a day Gaziantep these tales tell my mother that my daughter saw it and since then I've decided to write this story also. Currently some of these tales, as taught in schools as a textbook has been translated into Korean and there is even taught in schools as a textbook. I think it is very important fairy tale novel from the West because we, have received from Iran, but the epic poems and tales have come from the Turkish tradition. They come from our culture genres. I do not want this culture to disappear. Therefore, in my mother's tale, but a fairy tale book will write more next time,"he said.

Author Ahmet Ümit:"Murder is one of those moments of Personality Appeared"" comments for.


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