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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:20

Autumn in Palandöken Cleaning Continues

Autumn in Palandöken Cleaning Continues
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Cleaning autumn launched in Palandöken district municipality continues uninterrupted .

Erzurum news: including land in Photo particularly idle , street , neighborhood, street , mosque, school , the front of the building and the site is preparing to meticulously cleaned and winter. Photo also beginning studies of all the neighborhoods of the town , take in the whole district. Palandöken Mayor Orhan Clouds , \"We are continuing a fall cleaning our work about 40 people team. Goals cases accumulated excavation in all the land in left town, collecting the rubble and trash We clean prune indiscriminately hurled into the tree leaves and branches. \"he said.
< strong> WINTER TURIZIM of PEARL PALANDÖKEN Photo Palandöken district pearl of winter tourism President Clouds is reminiscent of a town, \"our citizens in our district , which is the pearl of winter tourism should be more aware of cleanliness. Municipalities within the framework of national collaboration county sample districts must do its part for everyone to attain the status . we have mobilized clean and we have all our facilities in the municipality for a higher quality districts. Because it's about cleaning delicate. our district twice a year, in spring and autumn as a municipality outside of our routine cleaning we do our general cLEANING . selfless way in which we would like to thank my staff who serve our cooperation with our citizens and citizens , \"he said .

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