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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 20:58

Ax attack lasted 3 days

Ax attack lasted 3 days
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Bornova district of Izmir , ax-wielding teenager who was attacked , lost his life struggle of the hospital for 3 days .

İzmir news: Photo According to information received from the event , last Saturday at 02:30 desks, occurred in the neighborhood of the Republic . Doing their military service in Istanbul Fikret Çoramık (21), he returned to his family in military service in Izmir finished before 1 week. Rebecca Çoramık , 01.00 hours in the house came out to meet up with friends . After about 1 and a half hours , the identity of the unknown person or persons in the garden ax assault is the Çoramık home , was found by his family. Medical teams to the scene lifted Rebecca Çoramık Karsiyaka State Hospital by ambulance . On the way the heart stops and the doctors returned to life by the intervention Çoramık , 3 days given the struggle for survival , died today in the hospital.
Other news, police surrounding security cameras from recording , Fikret Çoramık friend of attacking with an ax Ellis MP . O Day and her father . I've found that . O Ellis taken into custody . O Day and her father . was sent to prison by the court were taken .

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