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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:10

Aybaba Samet:"Fenerbahçe Match dramatically Done"

Aybaba Samet:
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ANTALYA (dpa)-Medical Park Antalyaspor coach Samet Aybaba edit the descriptions found in the weekly review meetings.

Antalya news: Aybaba, Fenerbahce match dramtik the end, he said.
Medical Park Antalyaspor coach Aybaba Samet, Fenerbahce match the worst in a dramatic way to end and said,"Tough game we play. Fenerbahce match the bad side of a dramatic finish was . Our players put pressure on the. it to dodge the motivation're doing. Sivasspor a good team, players missing. us also missing.'s pretty injuries we have. Upwards made a giant leap now to a standstill passed. following teams nears us. Now my players I'm looking more forward urgency there. Course reflect if we each team to beat haldeyiz. well we played matches with scores ornaments could not. then the remaining 5 games how many points you can gather that much score wish to collect. Match day in Sivas snowfall is expected. Starring conditions there, get accustomed to. Sivasspor footballers advantages for the course, there acclimate to practice. we are affected do not think that,"he said.
"the incumbents and Sivasspor match will earn"
missing players too much voicing experienced Technical Samet Aybaba, gave information about the injured players. Aybaba,"Mehmet Sedef rise in the period's best player was our. Ibrahim Dağaşan psychologically is experiencing difficulties, Mehmet Sedef due. Milan Baros penalty there. Koray's arm disability in there. Make a move when we want deficiencies are in the game are unable to change. Honors Tuncer and Pedro's injury has. available to us staff at the match will be won,"he said
"Hakan Arikan would discuss with"
Hakan Arikan about the transfer of the announcement, the Medical Park Antalyaspor Technical Director Aybaba Samet, head all the players did an interview, stressing that"Hakan will discuss our president. Covenant all ongoing with our players will meet respectively. Diarra'yl began, Hakan will continue with. 8 players we have. Chairman will meet with the players. again understandings will call. This week Hakan it will be interviewed. Agreement ending all players president will discuss,"he said.
"Baros comeback failed"
Milan Baros from football away because the performance is low, indicating that the Aybaba Samet ,"Baros performance could not catch. football too far from the left. long time could not play. these types of players re-performance elusive process. We not period but in the second period to improve the performance of the plan will do,"he said.
"CIRCUIT BREAK We're thinking of doing 3-4 TRANSFER"
break the team 3-4 players voicing to supplement thought Aybaba, two of these players will be young, he said. Aybaba,"For us, the other teams, such as in a planned manner the transfer period we're looking at. Circuit between two young players want to get. This issue have some problems. 3-4 units also experienced player wants to transfer,"he said.
"Oguzhan Özyakup He called me"
a journalist Besiktas starlet Oguzhan Özyakup, The Netherlands's highest-circulation weekly football magazine, Voetbal International reporter Thijs Sleg with in his interview,"last year Aybaba Samet and tactically We did not do anything. Bilic are playing football with"to ask what is the form of a statement Aybaba, talk with Oguzhan said. Aybaba,"Oguzhan called me. Told me that say such a thing. Player has more to say such a thing does not stay informed him,"he said.

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