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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:43

Aydin AK Party District Chairman Unveils Candidates

Aydin AK Party District Chairman Unveils Candidates
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Aydin Province AK Party Organization, introduced the presidential candidate of the district finalized prior to the upcoming congressional districts .

Aydın news: Photo of the AK Party Chairman meeting held in Aydin Province Provincial Chairman Loyal Atay , provincial board members , attended the district finalized the names of presidential candidates and the party . The decision to go with one high school to all convention areas of the AK Party , each week will be announced to the public the names of the presidential candidates in Aydın province. Of Photo Provincial Chairman Atay congressional districts starting November 7 Friday, November 30th Efeler that ended with the congressional districts Recalling, \"in 2015 we aim to general elections across the 60 per cent share of the vote Turkey. our aim in Aydin is to break the 40 percent threshold , respectively. Because the AK Party has captured the band 35 percent in bygone elections in Aydın case . so even without the AK Party didnt work in Aydın are of a size that can get 35 votes . this figure above is surely a success story , while six is also a condition that must be questioned , \"he said .
AK Party headquarters by going first week Atay, who stated that they select the presidential candidate for congress to be held , \"Friday, November 7 congressional districts will do our Yenipazar first. we will enter with our congressional districts Yenipazar our current president Mehmet Sumer . November 8 Saturday morning , our congress to be held in Didim . Didim also attended the congress continue on with the current district chairman Cenk famous guys will say. Following our convention Didim our Germencik congress will be held in the afternoon on the same day . The decision to go with Germencik Prem chairman Emin were included . Our first conference will be held on Sunday, November 9 in the morning in Karacasu . Due to the intensity of our district president Karacasu Khalil Kambaku work could not continue with us in the convention process , he said. We also had local elections last county mayoral candidate will participate in the congress of the Kutsi Küçükyör . That is conducive to change in Karacasu no hope . Finally, in the afternoon the same day, we will realize our Nazilli congressional districts . Here we will go to Congress with the current district chairman Imran Acer gentlemen . The first week we created our convention calendar and our candidates in this way. Of course, the presidential candidate who wants to put his hand under the stone in our district that was our friend, but our headquarters is appreciated as such. I have with me in the race I thank said to all our friends , \"he said .
3 COMMISSION In DISTRICTS CREATED saying that they started in order to realize the 2023 target in Photo Atay party , \"Population 100 thousand an interview committee at our last district was established. Our deputy coordinator at the beginning of this commission , county , our president , he is responsible for the county district managers and district president of the largest districts in the neighborhood . Conforming to the rules of this population in Aydın Nazilli, Efeler and Soke our district . Our Commission is composed of 5 or 6 people. This commission will do personal interviews with candidates for county board members . How it is district head of our headquarters those who want to get to the interview , those who wish to enter the district administration in our district our commission will call for an interview will be birerb interviews and the interviews at the end of names to be determined , \"he said.

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