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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:57

Aydin beside a hidden paradise:Narlıdere Canyon

Aydin beside a hidden paradise:Narlıdere Canyon
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Natural resource types in terms of absolute Nature Park needs to be done Kocak Canyon after İmamköy in Narlıdere Canyon natural and cultural resource values ​​in terms of Aydin most important place as one of the fore began .

Aydın news:
Pasha Plateau water flowing occurring and name in the delicious pomegranate trees area Narlıdere summer and winter flow past the area to life and rich biodiversity is generating.
by the locals so it is not known in the past, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra \"love potion \"and use it as a perfume oil out of the canyon in Narlıdere of the Sweetgum tree seems to grow . In the world, second place is said to be the tree of its kind in our country, Koycegiz, Marmaris, Fethiye region in the distributed and so far in studies in the north of the end point to China river valley and Latmos south of the Kanda River was determined to . This is an important tree , forming a unique Narlıdere Canyon in air is nearly long and 20 meters in length and with the most beautiful colors of green can be seen that immediately attracts attention . Almost every season, different blossoming Narlıdere Canyon , in the autumn of the most beautiful flowers , one of the cyclamen great flourish seen.
Especially in the spring flower garden rotating Narlıdere Canyon, the original air in the autumn in species-rich host is available. Called salep orchid species distributed in the region of the rich , the region has attracted many orchid collector . Collection of orchids , perhaps, has led to the extinction of endemic species . Therefore, in the canyon where there are interesting and endemic species of plant diversity investigation by a university and the region must be taken under protection . Water is brought vitality to the development of the wildlife in the canyon and led to the proliferation of species diversity . Red Hawk , Short-toed Eagle , Goshawk, Eurasian Roller , turtle dove, wood pigeon as many species of birds detecting the presence of the valley where the right next Kurudere single ibis colony for many years breeding is known that .
Narlıdere Canyon just in terms of plant , but also the cultural richness of the important area. Of local people in the cave , which is formed on the outer surface area of fascinating stalactites's many recesses and protrusions . Also, one person can now be entered in through the cave entrance , the traces are found in the past life . Probably over the life of the Byzantine period it seems to be some small galleries . From the interior of the spheres and the destruction of a large number of areas during illegal excavations is understood that the . The excavations carried out with the walls collapsed ceiling in the many parts of the broken treasure being sought emerges.
In the region to analyze the Kusadasi Eco System Protection and Nature Lovers Association ( EKODOSD ) President Bahattin Drive , \"Probably a monastery where these areas in many parts of fresh excavation is done in and many of destruction is observed . Area in an ancient spa structure exists and the water is still hot flows. Area to be a virgin and natural perspective the very rich to have , but also hot and cold water from the coexistence , in the past where people living here have chosen is understood . hundreds year-old cultural heritage due attention and protection see , they hand during illegal excavations , because on the one hand of neglect walls migration and dates are disappearing , \"he said .
Aydın's just around the corner , this natural and cultural richness filled with the field for a moment who want to protect themselves before showing interest in Kusadasi EKODOSD President Bahattin Drive , \"preserving these areas should be used. Hikers discovered in recent years in this area , partly because it is seen as picnickers come . Relevant public institutions , universities and civil society organizations , in cooperation with Narlıdere Canyon of the region , provides protection projects to be developed , research should be done at the same time people of the region in the social and economic development will contribute to the eco-tourism activities, protection-usage balance in the framework should be established . Otherwise, Aydin is a very important area of natural and cultural heritage will be lost , \"he said .


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