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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 18:58

Aydin Best Olive Oil Dinner:\"Okra \"

Aydin Best Olive Oil Dinner:\
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Olive and Olive Harvest Festival Aydın Municipality has competed in the olive oil dishes .

Aydın news: Screen of the popular chefs Oktay Usta's presentation took place with the competition, the same Ari his \"olive oil protects Sour Okra \"was the first.
Aydin Ataturk Town Square made ​​in Olive Oil Cooking Contest for two days at the end of the final three names competed. Rain Ozdogan, Ari , and Turkan same Kayaalp'a Olive Oil Cooking Contest were the players in the final race . Okra with olive oil makes three contenders in the competition and won the grand prize Ari same . Ari is doing the same \"Okra Olive Oil \"team gave him food . Cooking with Olive Oil Competition, the latter rain Ozdogan, if Turkan Kayaalp'a was third . Second Rain Özdoğan cookware set, third Turkan Kayaalp'a the blender set won .
Aydınlı women showed great interest in olive oil Cooking Competition pre Oktay Usta , olive oil and its benefits telling everyone olive wanted to use . \"Health for oil \"slogan competition began Oktay Usta continued with the show . Aydin Metropolitan Municipality Directorate staff soup kitchens throughout the competition was assisted by Oktay Usta .
Oktay Usta , a finalist in the cooking process Aydınlı women raced on stage . On stage, the pastry wrapping contest , green apple peel competition, olive oil pancake contest , olive oil hair pie with salad contest was organized competitions . The winner of the competition Aydınlı women were presented with various kitchen appliances .
Celebrity chef Oktay Usta , olives and olive oil because of the importance given to Özlem Aydın Mayor congratulated Çerçioğlu celebrated . Oktay Usta , Olive and Olive Harvest Festival's growing continuing found hope .
Olive Oil Cooking Contest, the winners of the awards to Aydın Municipality Deputy Secretary General Vural Şahbenderoğl with the Cultural and Social Affairs Department Tahir measurements from the hand picked .
Vural Aydın Municipality Deputy Secretary General of Şahbenderoğl , Oktay Usta thank for their contribution to the festivities by offering flowers was a gift from Aydın local products .


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