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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:57

Aydin has happened in three days Theatre Festival

Aydin has happened in three days Theatre Festival
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Aydın Municipality City Theaters ( ABBŞT ) , had to Aydınlı theater festival for three days.

Aydın news: Photo Aydın Municipality City Theatre, the first game of the 2014-2015 theater season , November 5 Wednesday \"Grandpa Green \"opened with the children's game. Aydın Municipality Children's Cultural Center and some schools in Efeler students and educators attended the game , he joined Sun Aktas author in the game. Games end Aydın Mayor on behalf of craving Çerçioğlu , Culture Department Tahir Olçum and Head of Internal Audit Şefika Shepherd , General Artistic Director Serkan Storm flowers and playwright of the Sun Aktas plaques were presented . Environmental awareness in a fun style to reflect that talked about the importance of the theater to the small audience attending the game Storming throughout the year said they wanted to meet with the children in various activities . The
November 6 evening season's anticipated game of Molière's immortal work, \"Tartuffe \"Fatih Bulut with regime met with the audience. Thanksgiving Gungor Stage on the overcrowded filled the audience at the end of the game uproarious , Artistic Director of Serkan Storm, \"theater studies which support always Aydın Municipality Chairman Mr. craving Çerçioğlu and Culture We thank the Social Affairs Department concerned. Aydin's theater we are being honored . \"he said. After expressing the Head of Cultural and Social Affairs will take years of Tahir Olçum events to appear on stage , Deputy Secretary General Vural Şahbenderoğl the Mayor was presented flowers and congratulated the director and his team on behalf of craving Çerçioğlu . Night , Deputy Governor Abdullah Aslan , the Metropolitan Municipality Head and branch managers , Efeler a member of parliament on behalf of the Mayor Halis Günday , Efeler Deputy Mayor tern Unal and various union representatives were joined by civil society organizations members . Photo Game at the end of the cocktail party, they meet the players and spectators a pleasant conversation . Aydın Municipality City Theatre founder , former Executive Art Director Yalcin Dincer, Aydın Municipality stating that ran from success to success of City Theatre , said he was satisfied with his interest in the young people's theater .
November 7 evening Aydın Municipality City Theatre Youth Theatre Workshop , \"Çalgıl of Cengil the Ortaoyunu \"and took the stage . Traditional Turkish theater of colorful types and congratulated the young theater team had a lovely evening the audience Artistic Director Serkan Storm, by thanking who contributed to the game, \"always supporting our work for young people and encourages us Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Özlem Çerçioğlu to thank you very much Thank you , \"he concluded.


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