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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:20

Aydin Metropolitan Theatre Opens New Season

Aydin Metropolitan Theatre Opens New Season
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Aydın Municipality City Theatre ( ABBŞT ) opens its 2014-2015 theater season .

Aydın news: Photo Aydın Municipality City Theatre ( ABBŞT ) , 2014-2015 theater season has completed its preparations . ABBŞT which this year will bring many game lovers theater, breaking audience records in last season Aziz Nesin, \"Let Öldürsene Canikom \"by the game , for which veteran writer's birth will be staged this year by reason of the Year 100. ABBŞT , \"Let Öldürsene Canikom \"out of one another, will present a colorful season for the theater lovers with different game. Photo Moliere's immortal work, \"Tartuffe \"comedy , Fatih Bulut in consultation with Serkan Storm of art's regime will meet with the audience . In the children's game in which he wrote Season m.güneş Aktas , Serkan Fatih Storm and they manage the cloud \"Grandpa Green \". This season repertoire youth game also adds ABBŞT , written by , directed by Fatih Ergun Sav Cloud \"Five Girlfriend \"another game to say hello to the audience . Fatih Bulut and together they compiled Ali Aslan , \"Çalgıl Cengil the Ortaoyunu \"candidate is expected to be one of the season's comedies draw attention . Another game will be staged in the season , Lightning , directed by Fatih Bulut Sharp writes, \"Unmanned \"to a Photo in November along with 5.Döne Theatre Workshop will begin their work. If the season plays of theater trainees Ali Cuneyd Kılcıoğlu the \"Reytingis the \"comedy and Behiç flows wrote an indispensable game of the theater team of \"Separation\"expressing the will take years of Photo Theater event ABBŞT General Art Director Serkan Storm, \"ABBŞT as Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Ozlem Çerçioğlu the support of the leadership of our Cultural and Social Affairs Department , the breakthrough we have made in the field of theater in the previous period , we aim now to increase the activity that participants of all Aydin public awareness on more responsibility . our structure like many new theater and theater workshops we conducted and we educate young actor nominee . Aydın city has become one of the most important light shining in Anatolia theater. we thank us always support valuable to Aydınlı . this season in their home , ABBŞT Thanksgiving Gungor we expect our scene , \"he said.
new season the premiere date of the game said:\"Grandpa Green \"children's games on Wednesday November 5 at 14:00 Location:ABBŞT Thanksgiving Scene Gungor . \"Tartuffe \"on November 6, Thursday at 20:00 Location:ABBŞT Thanksgiving Scene Gungor . \"Çalgıl Cengil the Ortaoyunu \":7 November , Friday at 20:00 Location:ABBŞT Thanksgiving Scene Gungor . Governor Aydın Municipality invitation of the games that may be obtained from Yazicioglu Cultural Center.

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