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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:30

Aydin October Balance:4 dead , 439 wounded

Aydin October Balance:4 dead , 439 wounded
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400 in the province of Aydın separate traffic accidents in October last year in which four people were killed overall , it was stated that 439 people were injured .

Aydın news:
to increase the safety and protection for the supervision and control of the Governor Aydın Province Police Department and the audit conducted by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams depending on traffic in October 2014, a total of 59 thousand 951 vehicles were checked . 3 million 13 thousand 274 to 2 thousand 670 TL fine with imperfect of these tools were applied . Defects due to the audits carried out in October 49 drivers were referred to court. Thousand 732 vehicle in the audits be banned from traffic on the 201 driver's license was confiscated .
All taken in Aydin that effective measures despite 136 within last October due to failure to comply with traffic rules, property damage , personal injury 260 , and 4 a total of 400 separate traffic accidents , including fatal occurred . 439 people were injured in the accident , four people were killed. Regarding
October traffic safety study, a statement from the Governor Aydin ; \"Valiliğimizce , our province increasing all the measures taken in order to more effectively ensure the safety of our citizens and life and property safety with the same determination and will continue vigorously . Comply with traffic rules, drive to the reduction of thanks ediyoruz.trafik accident our valued citizens that contribute to the support and interest in ensuring traffic order and the citizens , to be more sensitive, not to change , especially incorrect lane , alcoholic vehicle use , while those who rule violation, 155 and 156 of the Police and citizens in matters be reported to the gendarmerie telephone information , support has great need , \"said.

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