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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 08:46

Ayson and provincial Müftülüğü'n Important Cooperation

Ayson and provincial Müftülüğü'n Important Cooperation
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Aydın Chamber of Industry ( AYSO ) , successfully carried out on the project I have launched a joint operation with the Provincial Mufti .

Aydın news: Photo AYSO , certified vocational training with the needs of Aydin industry technical staff training campaign launched to meet the needs and Specialized Vocational Training Centers ( I ) to discover more unemployed young people and citizens within the project Aydın Provincial Mufti will make joint efforts . For this purpose, AYSO Secretary General Kerem Pay , Visiting Kocaoğul Mufti Omar, gave information about the Imam project. Photo is not projects of presentation and the information noted in accordance with joint efforts can be made Mufti Omar Kocaoğul , posters prepared by AYSO and brochures sent to all District Mufti said there also would make the distribution to the mosque. Kocaoğul , said they could help the project by preparing not hold a sermon . Photo AYSO General Secretary Pay , it means that help the promotion Aydin Province Mufti's umem's said it is very important , \"Mufti Mr. Omar Kocaoğul forwarding this month İncirliova was done in the City and County by participating in the meeting met the Mufti was all District Mufti our we have the opportunity to give posters and information brochures prepared by our room. not 's going to do to promote this collaboration with our city for our young unemployed people from all over the and will have the opportunity to reach our citizens. ensure that unemployed vocational training and employment are among the most beneficial things to do in this world . we thank for their support and help our provincial and district mufti , \"he said .

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