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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 11:33

Ayten Ciray Bonzai Subject to Parliament Vehicle

Ayten Ciray Bonzai Subject to Parliament Vehicle
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CHP İzmir deputy and Party Assembly member Dr.

İzmir news: Ayten Ciray , transportation every day more and more facilitated'Bonzai'called drug to parliament on the vehicle . Photo Ayten Ciray in his written statement, \"Lately frequently on the agenda and increasing the use of'Bonzai-Jamaica'called synthetic drugs Article depresses young people's lives. Unfortunately, cheaply accessible and the average age of users is easy to use this poison in gradually decreases. Sellers are specifically chose the young and the places he lived in a crowded way of our children , especially in internet cafes and schools , \"he said . Photo'Bonzai'with the fight that they would be behind the government Ciray , Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and Interior Balani Efkar Alain to answer was following questions with the request ; Photo-\"Provincial Health Director of our my choice of 21 young people in İzmir which zone'Bonzai'he announced that he died because of the aforementioned drug poison. in this case, the Ministry , besides tackling Izmir and still carry out that narcotic substances in Turkey Does thinking of buying a new additional measures ? Photo-The Year in Izmir in Turkey and there is an increase in the number of users bonzai is it ? What is the proportional value , if any ? Photo-The supply of components used in the drugs manufacture , production, do you think to take additional measures in respect of the prevention of trade ? Photo-Izmir due to use of addictive substance in the last five years and throughout Turkey rehabilitation as AMATEM the number of organizations that depend on the number of applicants and treatment ? Of these, how many children are adults love ? Photo-the last five years drug in Izmir related to the purchase and Turkey made ​​across many operations were taken to several people in custody ? Photo-the last five years in Izmir and Turkey in the drug market value of the seized substance is how many pounds of material operations ? Photo-Ministry of Interior, Do you think a special campaign to raise awareness in our society for the prevention of addiction bonzai ? What do you cooperate with the Ministry on this issue ? Photo-How do you expect a contribution from the opposition party about it? \"

Ayten Ciray Bonzai Subject to Parliament Vehicle" comments for.


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