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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 19:08

Ayvalik State Hospital District does not suit Compact Devices

Ayvalik State Hospital District does not suit Compact Devices
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Ayvalik district of Balıkesir State Hospital X-rays taken in the emergency department of the ancient and primitive bathrooms , but can be washed in half an hour , causing reactions .

Balıkesir news: Balikesir Ayvalik district, the State Hospital in the emergency room X-rays taken of the ancient and primitive bathrooms , but half an hour be washed reaction causes .
During the summer months the population reached 500 thousand Ayvalik , the State Hospital within the emergency department of the films is now the country no hospital in general be used in a bathroom in the room was learned that negative . In Turkey, almost every hospital of this process use of digital technology in just a few minutes prepared , pointing citizens, Ayvalik State Hospital, the former photographer used in dark rooms to the films are bathed , and so every movie at least half an hour getting ready , he said. Citizens, in emergency cases , this time seriously injured caused the death may be long enough to drew attention .
Doctors patient to intervene roadmap tomography apparatus surrounding counties , compared with the antique indicating that the citizens, tomogaf shooting also around 45 minutes resulted complain about . Roster Despite the lack of existing staff eagerly working tasks in the best way you try to emphasize that citizens in the summer, great congestion of the hospital emergency room , only one doctor's duty to make reacts.
Approximately 300 thousand square meters, with an area of ​​district operations in a single health care provider who Ayvalik State Hospital has only 112 ambulance . Citizens, \"the authorities of this state forward , we'Patience, the new hospital service when everything will be alright'he answers you're getting . Paradise on the hill of the new hospital construction is still going on . Civil october-november ended there . Subsequently building the Ministry of Health will take over , and medical devices began to be placed there . according to the authorities will find it for 5-6 months , \"he said .

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