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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:54

Ayvalik will brighten the Future Project

Ayvalik will brighten the Future Project
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Organized by the Municipality of Balikesir Ayvalik'Ayvalik Food and Food Processing Specialized Organized Industrial Zone'information meeting was held .

Balıkesir news: Organized by the Municipality of Balikesir Ayvalik'Ayvalik Food and Food Processing Specialized Organized Industrial Zone'information meeting was held . Information about the participants in the meeting is being transferred
OSB , received their ideas .
Ayvalik Chamber of Commerce ( ATO) in the meeting held at the conference hall of the mayor Rahm Young was headed . Ayvalik Altınova to be established in the neighborhood \"Ayvalik Food and Food Processing Specialized Organized Industrial Zone\"in the direction of the county's economic and employment will brighten the future of the project is described as . Chairman Rahmi Gencer's dedicated efforts and the county's economy movement to bring Aimed Ayvalik Specialized Organized Industrial Zone for the first step was taken .
Ayvalik and Edremit Bay and opinion leaders were invited to the meeting investors and businessmen showed great interest . Altınova in the neighborhood of 561 thousand square meters, which will be established in Ayvalik Food and Food Processing Specialized Organized Industrial Zone project participants describing the president is young , in the first place would be two thousand five hundred young business owner said. Organized industrial zones to establish residency in the district , such as food ideas that are expressed in Ayvalik Mayor Rahm Young said ; \"Ayvalik job opportunities are limited. Only 2 to 2.5-month tourist season is beyond our very large get a job do not have . Besides, a well olives and olive oil have regarding this line of business we have . But Ayvalik look at the history you Ayvalik past Turkey's most important industrial center . olive soap production , machinery, turning , leveling, such as cold forging in Turkey in the period up to 70 1960'lara-Turkey really a place name in the industry . \"
\"District our borders and a large municipality , is our spread , \"he continued as the words of the young ; \"Our region is a very serious cultivated . Extensive agricultural areas there , but in agriculture and value-added income to obtain a very forcible entry . Agriculture's better not channeled and also in our region, agriculture oriented industrial facilities due to lack 20 thousand acres Altınova irrigable land is Although 2 million olive trees and our villages a thousand acres on the still agricultural land , although income can not provide . we as a municipality that starting in our region how to agriculture vitality can create . now know that in the world of people two things that need not stop. , one food the second is energy. these needs always have . humans , the population in proportion to the increasing branch of this . world aware of it . in our territory such an agricultural plain, such a peripheral that , we also that the maximum or minimum benefit we need to . But now at the point Ayvalik municipalities EIA report is within the boundaries of one square meter of land do not have a will . So these days , even if an investor , the agricultural products in Ayvalik if he tries to make a thousand square meters of industrial packaging and can not show . However, in agricultural warehouse type structures have been trying to do something and they all fail , you can not get a result , suffers . As our region when we look around us in our geographical structure of Europe's largest container port is being done currently . Approximately 45 kilometers away Çandarlı Port to be delivered in 2017 entered into a major study . Such a region in agriculture such an organized industrial site ela bi harbor juxtaposition if such an organized industrial zone as we can believe it is very advantageous are . \"
Do they want the organized industrial zone in a mixed-organized site that also explains Griffiths ,\"We specialized Organized Industrial Site would like to do . One for food , and that will be organized industrial zone will be specialized . The products will come from other sub-industry factories will not be allowed . Foodstuffs or in the region , which will make him a similar foodstuffs will be organized industrial zones . If you come here a few heavy industries such as in Aliaga will not be good for the region , we have seen the danger and have entered into such a study . If we start the organized industrial zones if we receive approval from the ministry of industry by initiating the procedure we establish an audit committee . This OSB both agriculture and our farmers will benefit to both our young job seekers need to create a region with substantial benefits . This is specialized organized industrial zone in Izmir , proximity to Çandarlı very important to us . 40 per cent of the organized industrial zone of green space left on the road and when we do we account for 5 and 10 acre parcel is removing about 40 plants . If we give you a quick start of construction of our decisions quickly takes one and a half years . 1 and a half years after the foundation of its first factory will be discarded. I think that five years later, here two thousand 500 people , 10 years later four thousand people to work , \"he said.
Young's meeting specialized organized industrial zones for directions and road map to follow and easy to participants told.
OSB briefing investors in the company on behalf Fehmi South , Balikesir Science Industry Provincial Directorate on behalf of the deputy Mesut Kökdemir participants OSB informed about . then attending the meeting Ayvalik and Edremit Gulf of opinion leaders , investors questions from yanıtlandırıl was .

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