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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:17

Azim Öztürk Answer from Demirçalı

Azim Öztürk Answer from Demirçalı
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CHP Adana and the Parliamentary National Defense Commission Member Ali Demirçalı bygone era Seyhan Mayor Azim Öztürk , Directorate of Public Works has established his hand \"Ponzi scheme \"instead of responding to the allegations , said he chose to make demagoguery.

Adana news: Photo Demirçalı , said in a statement , Turkey's by the largest that district of Seyhan in 10 years Read astounded by the response of someone who has made ​​the mayor says, \"Forget about the academics process before the mayor , to educate Mr. Azim Öztürk even the presidency of the 10-year municipal not enough has been . Alas main sorrow is that someone 10 years has directed as a municipality Azim Öztürk as Seyhan , \"he said . Photo CHP Adana Milletvel Ali Demirçalı , gave the statement following written statement:
\"Mr. Azim Öztürk at beeline I would like to ask the following ? he and what was the existence of the goods before the first-degree relatives of the mayor , what is it now , while it may explain the distortions already interpret very easy our process people. AKP government and general indifferent and thus ought of his mentality and is reflected equally assuredness Mr. Azim Öztürk . Mr. Azim Öztürk me my contracting period , özleyip , mAdIğImI miss the drop , you will answer my claim about the actual period , I am very honored to be represented in Parliament and the deputy of Adana Adana . Mr. Azim Öztürk , 3 pieces of your responsibilities given period building permit has been canceled due to fraudulent arrangement in the new era . What do you think? Are you saying that you provide building permits certificate of honor ,you honor them in your document ? In areas with floor due to air flight safety limitations period in your Presidency , you organize a large number of building permits by allowing more times and why they all came from the same architectural office . Who has obtained exclusive rant with this zoning . While few people would get the zoning status of this rant today, many contractors have been victimized by the construction of the ship was stopped and settled . What do you think? Photo Presidency to the period of an architectural office last 2.5 years, a cocoon of the population of the construction permit covering the structure up to the settlement , taking a single architectural office and all other architectural office of the negligible level of building permits to take coincidence in this process. What do you think? Photo Zoning giving preferential zoning status in a confined space to provide unfair competition to some contractors and also what do you think the issue of licensing handed the same architectural office in the license in all these areas ? \"Photo Azim Öztürk provided to one of the period , but the number of claims about the privileged urban rents finish that expresses Demirçalı , \"I bring investment , with the excuse I open the front of the building , ensuring the city's land of the privileged urban rent to someone opening the loot is never excusable, is nothing more than a well to defend it ignorance. However, you should know that one day you will have to give account before the law for damage caused to your period mayor of this city , I say forget it. \"

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