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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:11

'Azizia rearing up the'Book of Outputs

'Azizia rearing up the'Book of Outputs
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Azizia Council, bringing together readers with a valuable work of great importance for the history of Erzurum .

Erzurum news: Photo History 93 War in the 1877-78 Ottoman-Russian War took up the before and after \"93 War-Azizia rearing up \"book came out in Azizia Municipal Cultural Publications . Weekend \"History of Erzurum Toddler \"book distributed at the booth set up by thousands of Erzurum Municipality participated in the march called Azizia , has attracted great interest . Azizia Mayor Mohammed Cevdet Orhan, great attack and invasion of the Russians do in Erzurum's book , Erzurum said that illustrate how impressed he eyes from these attacks and invasions.
\"The last two centuries of our history , Turkey Erzurum with three main events and carried the history of the world . \"said President Orhan , \"The first Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Pasha identified the 93 War with the rearing of Erzurum . Secondly heart of our a pain that Sarikamish Operation. The third was taken of the National Struggle decision and Erzurum thrown into Congress, the foundation of the Republic of Turkey . \"he said.
< strong> unfamiliar with the PAST GENERATIONS , THE FUTURE human MAY NOT as the Municipality Photo Azizia , Erzurum , one of history's most glorious page of history 93 passing as Harbin , 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War of the first of the culture series with the pre-event occurring on the Eastern Front and later with the agenda to move ideas Chairman Orhan noted that they began to book this historic victory of the subject area , said:\"it is a fact , not knowing the past and can not build their future course take the generations from the past . that forgets its Mazin and lost their identity by imitating back to the past returning to people of other nationalities and are condemned to slavery. Do not forget , to forget is catastrophic . give direction to history, a nation that changed the course of history . to boast , however, that to tell , it is impossible to deny . we have a historic destanlaşan . Ten centuries , millennia ie , a \"Cihan State\"as we're given the direction of world politics for centuries ... It's \"centuries of Seljuk , Ottoman centuries \"were called . Ancestors us who can not beat the battlefield , society into horse that has done the turmoil and chaos of our value to our reverse currents of thought and sedition fire such as discrimination , the Ottoman people of different languages ​​and religions living under the flag lowered to one another or political game in the treaty table , treaties with proven track critical elements in the text , for political maneuver a \"Cihan State \"which were deleted from the stage of Ottoman history . Imperialist States and Europe nemesis in this book you will read examples of the game in which they try to destroy the Ottoman Empire with Russia treaty table. As you know, there are two aspects of the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War. This famous defense of Plevna in the west of the facade is also rearing up in the East Azizia . This book is the eastern facade occurring in battle , social and economic structure in , revealing the period of Erzurum us will be a mirror of the history that reflects the events that we do not forget. \"Photo ERZURUM the HISTORY AND CULTURE GREAT SERVICE < br/> President Orhan , his words continued:\"As Azizia municipality we do in our county physical structure breakthroughs and our particular district , as well as work , usually thought of our people with the historical and cultural artifacts concerning our province we acquire the target does also contribute to the world . Municipalities just as they bear the name of the county's infrastructure and social fabric of the physical investments made ​​by moving examples of the past and present , especially among the younger generations past and the future are also obliged to build bridges . Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which the target \"New Turkey \"moral and intellectual world of the new generation who will build the future by taking lessons from the past and the speed will be realized by strengthening the structure , we think . Our young people , our future and hope that the date should be aware that a nation's history writer and guiding children and consciousness , we think . The hands of this youth that will help them uncover the past , will introduce its ancestors , we need to work to explain the sacrifice of his grandfather. Faced with the youth of our history, from the mistakes made and lessons're issuing of the right will advance into the future with more confidence. Municipality as Azizia , we know a cultural duty to support to help our youth walking towards the 2023 target . We believe that our youth is still fresh and energetic blood and excitement in 2023 we will carry vessels. As the poet says ;'Majesty of my ancestors Maruf-i Cihan/Fitrat changes that this blood still think the trick . \"He will spend the blood and soul of the movement of this work is extremely pleased to present to you . \"


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