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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:46

Aziziye liberated in the Parks

Aziziye liberated in the Parks
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Azizia municipality , county parks özgürleştirerek , demystifies a more aesthetic appearance .

Erzurum news: Azizia municipality , county parks özgürleştirerek , demystifies a more aesthetic appearance . Removing the fence around parks and walls , lighting municipalities , counties can assess people's free time to create new habitats on the move .
with the project , such as the current park will gain a contemporary face , the rubber flooring is made of children's playgrounds and parks for new projects will be in progress. Municipalities started landscaping in parks , towns people of breath, and evaluate the way in which the life of leisure in peace continues to work to create fields . The project of the parks surroundings completely open, LED illumination making , walking paths refreshing and camellias making a decorative image is generated.
our people will take your breath habitats we create
Azizia Mayor Mohammad Cevdet Orhan, district people of the park with the integration of that expression, parks surrounding the opening of the lighting work is continuing with the project's district all parks will be implemented , as well as newly constructed parks around it just the lighting making , parks will be free , he said. President Orhan, started the project in the county park models and they all said they would conduct a landscape parks in general . Rubberized playground flooring , stating that the President Orhan, \"all citizens from seven to seventy our breath, and leisure venues in peace would be interpreted in a healthy and decent environment will create . \"he said.
in our district GREEN FIELD will increase the number
Azizia city square , urban forests , fairy-tale parks and leisure areas such projects is reminiscent President Orhan, \"Corporate vision updating the priority problems solved after team of colleagues have created the service caravan departed .'Now service time , saying , parking our work we started and our district will be the model example parks to create're working . County in our parks özgürleştirerek , first of all park our fences and walls to remove , lighting and landscaping work we do. these studies present parking our more aesthetic appearance kavuşacağı , the new will make parks for the same application will continue. Zoning revision in our district green space will increase the number and new parking areas will create . Hometown'requests and in line with expectations in our work unabated, will continue . \"he said .

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