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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:21

Back Pain can cause paralysis if Neglected !

Back Pain can cause paralysis if Neglected !
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Brain and Spinal Cord Nerve Surgery Specialist Assoc.

Erzurum news: Dr. Cahide Topsakal often hernia mixed with'narrow channel'disease to be taken lightly a condition specifying whether untreated or late if the patient paralyzed so could lead said.
Doç.dr.cahi the Topsakal, \"Hernia with narrow channel disorders often are confused . narrow channels , the time is not treated the results as patients return a very difficult situation is inserted into . particular leg paralysis began patient surgery now need to be , \"he said .
Turkey's leading female brain surgeon Assoc. Dr. Cahide Topsakal narrow channel related to his illness , he continued ;
\"narrow channel of the spine vertebrae bones in the middle of the spinal canal anteroposterior and/or left-right diameter narrows from above down through the spinal cord in some level of pertussis is . Spinal Cord channel on the side of each level a pair of nerve root canal is located . narrow channels , sometimes it's fine bone channels narrowed , nerve roots pass through while develop. narrow canal surgery usually behind the spinal cord, press it compresses the bony structures are removed. Lateral nerve roots prints and side grooves which narrows bone protrusions is shaved . excess bone that we received for the bearing capacity falls and even slip-critical backbone platinum-called (actually titanium ), metal screws and rods must be supported by . these metals after fitting the body's own bone structure to act as the patient of these assets will not feel . titanium in the body that causes allergy risk almost negligibly small. spine in a few months he will weld together metal burden will be reduced. These metals MR film is definitely convenient to take . Patients, patients with herniated lumbar narrow channel at least as much , or even more than they are important in diagnosis and treatment . Because these patients had been diagnosed or herniated disc and treatment of patients with advanced age are shelved as a result of surgery or wearing platinum scary and risky because they require knowing whether the disease has been neglected in the group are considered . As a result of the narrow channel , if not treated in time , whereas patients with neurologic return put us into a very difficult . Publications findings established and paralysis began an annual cases surgeries fresh cases not as good as that , even two years of cases, surgery is almost futile know Although we have achieved surgery based on the results of these patients MATCH years, they may be absolute surgery should be . Surgery of patients in stages , in particular the foot of the patient began stroke linger by other methods must be definitely . If the hernia is similar to the findings of the narrow channel and has different properties . Patients can walk bent forward slightly narrow channel . When patients survive for a long time or only when you started walking legs or both usually only pain or only numbness or weakness , or only a few of them come together . Sit or relax for a while is forced . Then continue walking . Over time it can go smoothly within walking distance will be shortened. A few steps walking distance in patients who have or who are completely bedridden . At this stage no more than walking distance to the surgery, which was shortened by less than a hundred crack . \"Timely treatment is important
expressed by Dr. Cahide Topsakal, \"This disease , herniated disc remind shows different characteristics . If not treated on time may result in bad enough to connect it to bed . Is there a risk of surgery ? I recently made ​​some news of the screws blindly sent in , so there is a possibility of a stroke and to prevent this newly developed imaging technique called robots almost as essential expressions are used . What screws so far in the world , nor in Turkey , in the centers of the spinal instrumantasyo will never blindly was not sent . Imaging technique called fluoroscopy guided always by the screw was applied in a healthy way and still be implemented. These devices include virtually any hospital . The skilled and experienced physicians have had years to implement the screws almost scopes of practice to operate without even the correct screw . In this process, computerized devices such as robots is not necessary. \"He said .

Back Pain can cause paralysis if Neglected !" comments for.


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