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  • 09 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:16

Back was a student, her teacher Became

Back was a student, her teacher Became
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Suggest Education Inspector Leo, 58 years old when he decided to do graduate, Gediz University was the oldest student.

İzmir news: Suggest Education Inspector Leo, 58 years old when he decided to do graduate, Gediz University was the oldest student. The girl who was the daughter of the course instructor and trainer of the year field,"I'm learning a lot from him,"he said.
Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education inspectors Suggest Leo (58), the university's oldest student status. As a teacher, has taken a step, a long time school leadership did, and now as an inspector continued his education life full 38 years, leaving behind The Lion, the year after the student again decided to return and Gediz University graduate business education began.
Busy schedule despite courses he regularly Aslan's teacher, the same university working girl Senem Sword was.
GIRL TELLS listening intently
strategic management course the year trainer of lions, years to the students to sit in rows and son again after being told he was very happy. Leo,"The working environment good synergy there. Pleasant, pleasant and helpful., I'm younger than my intentions so many projects have. Missionary is called a dervish is called I do not know but the young people I learned that many things. Learning requests if I have myself a new emerging as one can see . Course in from time to time I'm having trouble have to admit. Allah health data if I am still in school my last breath I want to give. because the information just need that hunger and curiosity that we need,"he said.
FATHER, never forget STUDENT
Gediz University Lecturer Year Kilic also would never forget the student's father said,"We always lecturing sustainability're talking about. Education something like that. we educators daughter of a family as always training in the business does not voluntarily we have done. This is a very strange feeling. first weeks of classes when I entered in student affairs received from the course I wanted to. too weird to have gone. Daddy students during the saw very strange to have gone. dad late to class is permissible willingly enters. homework without disrupting doing. incredible effort that you work with see . the house is still running courses as a grandfather to grandson has become a role model. Education is very important to lead by example.'m the biggest example of my father. Note this is not very important even if the effort is admirable,"he said.

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