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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:24

Bad Bad Breath Disease Symptom Can Stomach

Bad Bad Breath Disease Symptom Can Stomach
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Dentists and Denture Specialist Referral Eralp , the bad breath , often embarrassment to , stating that the cause of socio-psychological problems , \"despite the elimination factors inside the mouth still need to doubt his serious stomach ailment that individuals with bad odor problem. \"He said.

Erzurum news: Photo Poor oral worst case of the person smelling the mouth of one person to realize this smell that expressed that he Dentists in smell and Prosthesis Specialist Referral Eralp , \"Usually people say someone close to you that you smell of the mouth , but people courtesy should not talk about such matters they prefer . If you go and visit a dentist first for this condition is suspected in any way halitosis . of Photo studies have bad breath , a large proportion (85% ) indicated that due to a problem in the mouth . this is also a big part of the teeth and creates gum problems. Plaque and tartar are counted among the situations that can cause bad breath . Besides, why over the language in an unknown way some people are treated with a coating . the bacteria found in particular sulfur compounds in this layer is thought that his bad breath . this problem language should be mechanically cleaned to eliminate . \"He said.
Many people voicing a bad smell in your mouth when you wake up in the morning and Dentures Dentist Referral Specialist Eralp then said the following ; \"This is a normal phenomenon . Dry overnight mouth and bacterial activity as a result of bad odor occurs and after breakfast in the mouth, increased saliva with the bad smell disappears.
Many people believe that unlike the stomach is a rare source of bad breath . Between the stomach and esophagus switch is normally closed and prevents here air and fluid to escape . so does not smell except when switched of here like burping . some rare diseases does not smell stomach exception . the stenosis occurs in the esophagus , stomach cancer and some gastritis types among others. But the mouth of the people in these diseases may be more important than the smell will be other complaints. in other words , despite the elimination factors inside the mouth still need to doubt his serious stomach ailment that individuals with bad odor problem. generally provides good results in many halitosis cases ensuring Photo's oral hygiene . adequate oral hygiene for teeth brushing after meals three times a day and requires the use of dental floss . 1 time cleaning using toothbrush can also be useful addition to day language . Use of anti-bacterial mouthwash but also suggested long-term use of this mouthwash because they contain alcohol may cause irritation to the oral mucosa and tongue. Dental caries , dental calculus and plaque , and make treatment of gum disease by resorting to a dentist is necessary to get rid of bad breath . \"

Bad Bad Breath Disease Symptom Can Stomach" comments for.


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