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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:21

Bag Law Seminar from Ayton

Bag Law Seminar from Ayton
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Aydın Chamber of Commerce ( AYTON ) , for the members'Torba Structures Act Regulations'organized seminar .

Aydın news: Photo Aydın Chamber of Commerce ( AYTON ) , TOBB Economy and Technology University Continuing Education Research and Development Center trainer Jesus King Ayton conference hall of \"Made Arrangements Bag Law Framework of All Social Security-Bag-Kur and SSI Structuring Principles and Procedures of debt with Social Security and Labour Legislation amendments are fetched Innovations \"organized training seminar .
public in the \"Omnibus Law \", also being called \"6552 certain Laws and changes in statutory decrees with the Labour Law No. stipulating the law, particularly businesses and all employees , including employers that even the unemployed takes place arrangements that will impress even , Business of the changes of the innovative Health \u0026 Safety , Social Security , Business Law, trade unions , public employment and Aliens Legislation with SSI (SSK-Bag-Setup-Pension Fund ) premiums, administrative fines and configuring other payables and tricks Labour and Social Security Association President and Social Security and Labour Law Chief Expert NEW Jesus was regarded by the King . made ​​by
Act changes the transfer of Jesus Say Thank You to King AYTON Hakan country's President , presented a plaque to commemorate the day.

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