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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:03

Bag of Information Act to the Tax Foundation Esanf

Bag of Information Act to the Tax Foundation Esanf
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Tax Department, Taxpayer Services Malatya Malatya Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers by the Group Management Association ( Mesob ) depending on the room and head room under the general secretary of the bag were informed Act.

Malatya news: Photo Tradesmen Palace in the actual briefing to Mesob President Shaukat Sharp, Artisans and Craftsmen Chairman of Credit Cooperation Ali Universe , chambers of commerce president and B participated general secretaries. Providing information about Photo Covered receivables Taxpayer Services Group Manager Cemil MUSEVITOGLU is , \"No. 213 TPL's scope collected by the tax authorities and customs authorities ;-taxes, tax penalties. Administrative fines:Military Service , Selection, Population and Traffic fines, Highways leakage toll fines, the fines imposed by the Road Transport Law given by RTÜK fines followed by other alacaklar.öğr education credits and Contribution credits covered a Photo 3-6183 laws. direct income support debts of ecrimisil.kkdf borçları.çiftçi . Food Costs . Treasury claims under the 4749 Act. the Social Security Administration social security contributions , administrative fines, GHI premium receivables from local governments and chambers alacakları.kalkın the agency. Receivables arising from the irrigation of the Irrigation Association . Receivables consist of a 5 percent monthly interest should be taken in conjunction with scientific examination fees. Social security contributions to the Social Security Institution , administrative fines, GHI Premiums receivable . Receivables from local governments and development agencies rooms . Receivables arising from the irrigation of the Irrigation Association . Receivables consist of a 5 percent monthly interest should be taken in conjunction with scientific examination fees. Collected by municipalities ; Property tax , sanitation tax , contribution to the protection of cultural property and other receivables, receivables arising from the use of water of municipalities, metropolitan municipalities water and wastewater receivable for water and sewerage , other municipalities and the debt transferred to public institutions are closed municipality, TOBB, TESK, TURMOB membership dues receivables \"gave shape information .
Taxpayer Services Group Manager MUSEVITOGLU of Cemil , \"more than twice in a calendar year , the configuration will be corrupted if the installment paid on time three times . Unpaid installments on time , be payable with the last installment until the end of the following month overdue interest rate for late payment hike. Photo receivable amount for the current period or installment amount of not to exceed 10 percent made ​​up to 5 pounds missing payments shall be deemed a violation. During the installment accruing on the declaration ; annual income/corporation tax , withholding tax , value added tax , excise tax, in a calendar year as each type of taxation without a very difficult state of the right to benefit from the law in case of non-payment in more than two terms will be lost. These payments must not be sought for current payments for taxpayers falling into a very difficult situation . Upon request to defer their status 6183/48.mad will be evaluated in the context . Current year payment terms for taxpayers who do not fulfill the provisions of the law twice in a calendar year as each type of tax will not be deemed to have been violated. Special provincial administrations under the law of municipal debt for the current year and must not be sought after affiliate payments . Borrowers will benefit if the configuration is a violation of the provisions of the law until they pay the amount , \"he said . MUSEVITOGLU that the information was passed on the following information Photo payments , \"payments ; lump sum (in advance) , offsetting can be done using the installments and credit cards. Completely within the first installment payment period of structured credit amount (in advance) if paid this amount to the Act until the date of payment from the date of publication ( last day of the first payment period may be paid up to 31.12.2014 ) any ferry for the last time public receivables or coefficient will be applied. Photo coefficient application ; six admission , 6,-9 ,-12, or 18 equal installments in one payment option if selected , depending on the selected payment period amount to be paid will be determined by applying a specified number of times . By the borrower if there's a preference for the number of installments , the number of longest installments provided for in the administration paragraphs will be given the payment schedule for 18 installments. \"Photo Application form and MUSEVITOGLU also provide information about the duration, \"of borrowers who want to take advantage of the provisions of the Law on the date of December 1, 2014 the debtor must apply to their administration . Borrowers directly may apply through the mail or over the Internet. Applications in the Communiqué crops (1/A 1/B 1/C) will be made ​​with pre-printed petition. Each owed ​​the tax office as it will make a separate application . Application will be made for vehicles to be made in reference to the total debt amount for each vehicle . To prosecution , the applicant filed cases ( reservation qualification for the subject to take the declaration, payment orders , drop against the sequestration process ) will be provided to discard . Our Presidency internet address ( is ) over the related tax office if there is litigation related debt they want to take advantage of borrowers in the Reference also is essential to make an application in writing \"gave shape information . Taxpayer Services after
Meeting Group Manager Cemil MUSEVITOGLU of's thanking Mesob President Shaukat sharp, tradesmen and craftsmen that give gladly to tax each period , and that he acted in Ahi Boards. sharp, this year's apricot experienced frost due to Malatya experiencing difficulties due to the downturn in the market and craftsmen to better the Tax Office willingly make an approach , \"When we give our tax money we all the time. It is stated in the Constitution , he pays tax as you earn . This year, because of our tradesmen apricots business is not good. But I hope next year will be better and give our love to tax us, \"he said.

Bag of Information Act to the Tax Foundation Esanf" comments for.


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