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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:02

Bagevi Chairman of the Board from October Inflation Rate Çandır

Bagevi Chairman of the Board from October Inflation Rate Çandır
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Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), in the assessment of the October inflation data released by the western Mediterranean Economic Development Foundation (BAGEV ) Chairman Ali Chimes In October, the consumer price index of 1.90 percent to a monthly basis that rise to highest level in nine months , domestic producers the price index increase occurred in 0.92 per cent , he said .

Antalya news: Photo Çandır, six months later in September for the first time fell below 9 percent annual inflation , when in October to 8.96 percentage point to CPI , PPI , surpassing the 10 per cent band in the form of 10.10 percent , he said . Çandır, when consumers are looking at the change in the CPI influence the purchasing power , 8.45 percent compared to December of the previous year, said increase , compared to October of 2013, according to the percentages 8.96 and twelve months'average was stated that 8.65 percent . When the October PPI figures realized in the investigation , 8.22 percent rate of increase compared to December , compared with the previous year's 10.10 percent compared to October, and twelve-month average record is seen that 10.11 percent Ali Çandır \"Longtime October on a monthly basis unlike the place demand in the month of price increases came to the fore and the heavy cost burden in October also reflects consumers of producers , \"he said .
UNDER THE WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES AVERAGE according to Photo TSI data , Antalya , Burdur and Isparta'the western Mediterranean region , which includes the increase in the CPI in the previous month by 1.62 percent in October , compared to December of the previous year, 8.38 percent , 8.77 percent over the same month of the previous year , according to the twelve-month average if it takes the form of 8.71 percent expressing Bagevleri President Ali bell , and when the Western Mediterranean region price increase rankings on a monthly basis in place of evaluation in the 26 sub-regions 5 is the cheapest region , while when considered from another angle Western Mediterranean on a monthly basis in the country's 21 . noted that the expensive area . Photo ENERGY PRICES raised MANUFACTURERS COST Photo Çandır said, \"Experts, with this realization in October , 9 percent introduced earlier this month in electricity and natural gas price increase would be 0.4 percent of the reflections were predicting the effects of inflation. However, in our analysis we have i mentioned last month that this is a conservative estimate . Because of the changes in the industry when compared to the previous month of the four sectors examined , particularly electricity and gas is 6.92 per cent of the monthly price changes in our industry have confirmed this prediction. All sectors for which is an indispensable sector of electricity and the price increase in the gas sector , 2.54 percent indirectly reflect and water supply sector to other sectors , 0.35 percent in the manufacturing sector and mining and quarrying neccesary with 0,32'lik a price increase in the quarrying sector contributed . Considering this increase on an annual basis experienced in all major sectors of the industry has led to PPI to take place at a rate of over 10 percent. \"Photo AGRICULTURE AND FOOD PRICES CEP has OIL Photo \"Turkey When we examine some of the products in the general price increases in October, 43 percent \"tomato \"is , if we examine expenditure groups increased by 9.95 per cent on the basis of \"clothing and footwear \"group, we can say that the champion of the time. Product price increases in the next row in the rankings while women's boots and men's sweaters , food with this sort of housing expenditure in the form of non-alcoholic beverages group and groups. The price increase in October as in previous months, seasonal effects and expenses rose to prominence. Because the tomato prices in October reflected by producers who experienced hardship due to the lack of rainfall , this situation has led to ever become a champion of tomato. The arrival of autumn and winter preparation for individuals in terms of clothing and footwear increased demand , this situation has led to price increases , especially boots and sweaters to take place in the top rankings . Our region , the country's vegetables that fruit storage and especially as in the Mediterranean Sea west of the vast majority of tomato production , we believe that the price of tomatoes is important for our region to have increased so much . \"Photo STRUCTURAL CHANGES MUST
There is the risk of being reduced to minimize by a moment before an acceptable level of inflation and especially the manufacturer's predominantly composed of energy cost in terms of area and our consumers stated that they expect to be reflected in the low level Çandır structural reforms, especially those in need of agricultural and food markets in order to put forward this implementation underscored the need drew . Çandır, the swelling existing in the country overall inflation is the most important determinant located between agriculture and food prices also possible , although you want to collapse on the vehicle , loved this unavoidable increase of the fight is the most important weapon in the words that the structural transformation projects in agriculture.

Bagevi Chairman of the Board from October Inflation Rate Çandır" comments for.


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