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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 14:13

Bagevleri President Ali Çandır

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Western Mediterranean Economic Development Foundation (BAGEV ) Chairman Ali Can, Industrial Science and Technology of 2013 created the Ministry of Entrepreneur Information System data, the provinces were found in the evaluation of trade figures they have made with each other.

Antalya news: Photo taken place in Turkey's 81 provinces Çandır Referring to internal trade figures consisting of purchases they have made mutually and sales in 2013 , the balance sheet basis calculated according to the report of bookkeeping taxpayers and months, 5 thousand pounds of excess trading involving \"domestic trade volume \", he said about $ 2.2 trillion . Çandır, the trade volume of Istanbul that almost half , said concentrate in a large majority of Marmara \"This is because the region industrialized and especially to host the province where the steel mills and oil refineries ,\"he said .
MORE INSIDE TRADE tHAT PROVINCE NUMBER oNLY 10 , according to data for
trade between provinces in Turkey, a total of 71 provincial trade deficit while giving is the bell reminded that only 10 provinces more than give , said:\"Provincial trade between the highest trade surplus of 58 9 billion pounds by giving Kocaeli and its 42.3 billion trade more than Istanbul and about 12 billion more to Izmir to follow . in contrast, inter-provincial trade is the beginning of the provinces that open 13 billion pounds announced Antalya. trade deficit the province ranks Antalya significant difference with open Adana and Trabzon are following . Adana inter-provincial trade deficit of 5.9 billion , 5.2 billion pounds of Trabzon open . \"Photo WEST MEDITERRANEAN iN tRADE oN HIGH Photo Antalya, when Burdur and is located in Sparta was looking at the trading volume of the western Mediterranean region , the region in 2013, 53.6 billion purchase , noted prominently made ​​38.8 billion in sales and this result is quite high in the Western Mediterranean can be considered a $ 14.8 billion trade deficit Ali said showed that faces the bell , \"that sells very least take the western Mediterranean. Trading volume and deficit/surplus figures if we examine in some provinces of Antalya , which is open up to trade the countries in the region and we are faced with the conclusion that province. Antalya 46.4 billion purchase in 2013 which gave 13 billion deficit by 33.4 billion pounds in sales . Antalya province intra-trade volume of 17.4 billion , while the province has made both the intake and the highest trade in Istanbul and Ankara in sales , \"he said . Photo of Antalya's one of the reasons for his not so much with open trade in the high amount of locomotive tourism , one of the industry's Bell explained that much is to be varied consumption needs the goods , it continued as follows:\"When we consider a further aspect , agriculture come forward to the country a kind of Antalya, located in the fruit and vegetable garden location , the fact that such trade is giving explicit poses a dilemma . Because the country's exports and important contribution that gives the trade deficit between the high provinces of Antalya contradiction causes . Especially in the economic sense, at least to withdraw and trade surplus in advancing the process of all the provinces of the trade deficit in the main role of the Antalya playing and of that to take place among the provinces , our greatest wish to assume the leading role in the domestic market . Also as soon as added value for it is inevitable to produce high quality products . \"Photo Isparta and Burdur 's trading partner neighboring provinces ANTALYA Photo Western Mediterranean'in the other provinces of Burdur inter-provincial trade, just as Antalya Çandır President BAGEV saying that a deficit in 2013 , the provincial domestic trade of up to 1 billion pounds and 3.6 billion pounds of purchases by 3.1 billion pounds sale 500 million, which Burdur trade openly stated that ranks 55th among the 71 provinces . Çandır, Burdur's biggest trading his province at the beginning of Istanbul and stating that Antalya came as follows:\"the area between the trade deficit that provinces amount to be buying another province from other provinces of Isparta 3.5 billion , sales amounted to 2.3 billion has been . This figure Departing from Isparta Isparta and 1.2 billion trade deficit , this deficit is the highest amount that can be said is open 31 provinces. Provincial domestic trade 821 million Isparta neighboring province of Burdur like most trade Istanbul and Antalya with yapmıştır.antaly , Burdur , Isparta province of proximity and has a considerable potential for trade within the region due to the complementary features. This potentially be put into motion and increasing competition will jointly contribute to the economic development of our three provinces . \"

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