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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:22

Bahceli Threepenny 4.9 Compensation Lawsuit

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My family during Military Operations Course 9 people killed Huseyin Akgun citizen named because of the lyrics for the Dersim MHP leader Devlet Bahceli 4.9 centimes on the Court of First Instance opened the compensation.

Tunceli news: Photo Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) leader Devlet Bahceli continues to draw reactions exerted words for the Dersim massacre . MHP leader of the words in the press because of Tunceli, who lost his family during the massacres carried out after the 9 people, including children, who opened the 4.9-penny Huseyin Akgun action for compensation on a garden . Petition attorney containing the request Cihan Söylemez offering Tunceli Civil Court Huseyin Akgun, react to for political purposes of the Dersim incident , \"the Prime Minister of the past and apologized on behalf of the current President of the State. Has apologized today's prime minister. Republican People's Party has apologized about it. This apologies not enough. Since the state archives if they want to investigate these facts , they opened foreign archives. Commissions are established they reveal the truth of this business. \"villain for those killed in that period of
MHP leader , traitor , indicating that hurt him the use of expressions such as hatemonger Akgun,\"in 1938 My family has been affected. generation has run out . I opened proceedings concerning them . the case of my progress. My family community all killed nine people as they would appear in the paper offspring of mother pacifier. Devlet Bahçeli went to pain words for these people. I opened a symbolic action for compensation in that regard. I want the court to judge in Bahceli Turkey , \"he said .
\" MASSACRE Tunceli Governor's Office has been accepted by the Provincial Administrative Council \"Photo of the clients of the family from the age of 18 and between 5-6 1,5 years old baby , including one district that killed nine people in Nazımiye save Söylemez lawyer , Cihan , \"This event has been adopted by a decision taken in 1955 by the Tunceli Provincial Administrative Council. That resolution 1.5-year-old Emine Deputy Governor of the period itself that even the baby had been destroyed and administration and has been signed by ergani the minutes they destroyed the 1938 military action. Both family registries copy of the admission of the destruction of the decisions taken by the Tunceli Governor's Office in both 1955 that the State Bahceli face the reality of no obvious official documents of the fact that a massacre still has my client's presence in this kind of insults and accusations and his party in Dersim people offended. It originated as shown against my client Devlet Bahçeli against Dersim massacre victims and shoots hakaretvari style and it still has decided to open a symbolic action for compensation due to continue , \"he said .
DESIRED COMPENSATION AMOUNT 4 . 9 pENNY 4.9 cents voicing want compensation from the State of Bahceli Photo Lawyer Cihan Söylemez clients , \"among the people everyone knows what that means. The public will be aware of it. Our intention Devlet Bahçeli Turkey to convict before judicial authorities and a more Dersim incident , the massacre and exile , murdered a person for tens of thousands of people , a political party leader Or, an organization avoid making insulting and defamatory content description . The country's president, prime minister , now the main opposition party has apologized for those made in Dersim , has confessed that it was murder. Millions of votes received for a political party leaders of Dersim, defamatory , insulting and divisive rhetoric directed against the people of Dersim We are suing to put the target , \"he said.

Bahceli Threepenny 4.9 Compensation Lawsuit" comments for.


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