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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:27

Balçova Cable Car in Crisis Again !

Balçova Cable Car in Crisis Again !
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The symbol of Izmir is located in venues closed from 7 years Balçova Cable Car Plant, which began operation of the Metropolitan Municipality was reported to have stood still .

İzmir news: The symbol of Izmir is located in venues closed from 7 years Balçova Cable Car Plant, which began operation of the Metropolitan Municipality was reported to have stood still . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly AK Party Deputy Chairman Bilal Dogan, \"Cable car just went back to the subway story . Again we are faced with a classic Aziz Kocaoglu ,\"he said .
nearly 40 years ago founded and an annual average of 300 thousand people serving Balçova'daki cable car facilities Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Izmir Branch made ​​after review people's personal safety at risk far is worn , steel ropes, 29 millimeters in thickness of 26 millimeters thinner because 5 November 2007 was closed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is connected to the Grand Plaza facility operated by the company in order to make EU association standards commission was created and 7 January 2010 for renovations starting in the tender deadline was 460 days . Quotes received after the tender commission gave the job to a German company but the appellant is STM-structure subject to the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) took . JCC valid tender municipalities and foreign companies abide by the rules justified on the grounds that the appeal was addressed by finding the two foreign companies . Then the municipality of Izmir STM-Yapıkur won the tender on the grounds that given the missing documents were handled . Court moved to the topic 4-year waiting period, then again stayed in the middle .
Late April last year President Aziz Kocaoglu , especially many politicians in attendance laid the foundations of the facility 31 December 2013 on the completion and to be in service was announced . President Aziz Kocaoglu Balçova car facilities in this process will be done in a wooded area of work in the necessary permissions from the Forest Department , citing that arrived late at approximately 120 days of work will be completed with a delay . Deputy Secretary General of the President Raif Canbek signature Information Retrieval In her reply \"Balçova Ropeway Facilities Renewal \"job end date 30 April 2014 when placing the plant in the study still promised on this date could not be completed .
Car facilities renovation work on draws attention to a nail had not yet even gravel Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, AK Party Deputy Chairman Bilal Dogan , the study comes back to the same story of the snake as subway construction work , he argued. Regional Directorate of Forestry expected to arrive in the text , citing President Kocaoğlu'nun right in front of any legal obstacle emphasizing the AK Party nature , \"Mr. Aziz Kocaoglu time if you bid to make becerebils was. Files kike accordance with the law even if she went to these processes have happened . 2,011 Since Balçova cable car facility entry point outside of the movement do not see. Poles still waiting downstairs . obstacle in the left. Yet another Aziz Kocaoglu classic're up against . İzmir's most beautiful facilities construction, underground work returned . subway like this premises when bit unclear . this process showed that indeed Mr. Kocaoğlu'nun Piriştina inherited from the squad to liquidate to run after a squad where there is once again emerged. We Dear Kocaoğlu'nun this facility as soon as the city give the people of İzmir on behalf of want . facility completion of both tourism terms , as well as economically important contributions to the city and county , and we think it will be as soon as we wish and look forward to the completion of work , \"he said .

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