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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:36

Balçova Yaşamspor Aka Support

Balçova Yaşamspor Aka Support
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Basic Lightning Balçova AK Party District Chairman and members of the organization , making preparations for the Balçova Yaşamspor Gulab Ulucak continues to surprise , was found in morale and greeting visiting teams .

İzmir news: Lightning to the players at the end of training in baklava , technical committee and made ​​a pleasant chat with the players . Adhering to the group
Agriculture, Turkey Cup , Galatasaray, Eskisehirspor and Diyarbakır Metropolitan match with FC Balçova Yaşamsp it , sat down at a time Turkey's agenda . First Balıkesirspor , after stating that they were proud of the Balçova Yaşamspor success prints to group the name of eliminating the Elazığspor'un AK Party Balçova District Chairman Basic Lightning, Balçova'nın name throughout the country to support the announcing team will do everything in their power , he said. Balçova Yaşamspor's a very difficult task to accomplish stated that the Lightning, said they would be with the team that had Balçova'nın to honor the organization.
Balçova Yaşamspor is that visiting Kemalpaşa Lightning attracted the attention themselves down, \"We Balçova name we'd love to come to the game and do their training in Balçova'nın our carrying the team. Unfortunately, due to the current facility problem does not seem possible such a thing. in the region Balçova'nın or close to no turf in size to workout the team. plant deficiency, severed from the district that carries the team name on. so they are deprived from the supporters . the team abroad to work out almost the case , \"he said . Lightning, home games will fill in the bleachers , he would provide the support it deserves Balçova'nın audience .

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