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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:39

Balgüç, Medical Faculty Hospital Takes Action to Strengthen

Balgüç, Medical Faculty Hospital Takes Action to Strengthen
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Balikesir Province Promoting and Strengthening Foundation (BALGÜÇ) completed and will be opened this year, Balikesir, Faculty of Medicine Hospital launched a campaign for.

Balıkesir news: Balikesir Province Promoting and Strengthening Foundation (BALGÜÇ) completed and will be opened this year, Balikesir, Faculty of Medicine Hospital launched a campaign for. which will be operational in the coming months
Balikesir Balikesir University Faculty of Medicine Hospital refurbishment of the application was launched for the campaign to help. Governor Ahmet Turhan at the meeting held under the chairmanship was given the relevant information. Meeting chaired by the Governor of the UAE Rector. Dr.. Mahir Alkan, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr.. E if Sıtkı Samet, Chief Physician Assoc. Dr.. Ali Engin National, BALGÜÇ Foundation Secretary General Av. Tariq Erülg, the foundation managers Ilhan Light, Hagan and Mesut Aşanel joined Özdamar. UAE Faculty of Medicine, as is done in the initial years of the first benefactors of the hospital through the refurbishment of the rooms has to be done has been saved. Under the leadership of Governor Turhan BALGÜÇ of aid will be transferred to the Foundation through the school, the names of charitable donors Medical Faculty Hospital, was reported to be hung at the entrance of the 108 rooms. Help mobilization organized for the press conference Governor Ahmet Turhan,"BALGÜÇ Foundation for Medical Faculty of the shortcomings of our remedy nice to create a campaign and Balikesir sensitive treating 2 million 200 thousand pounds as money was collected. Faculty of Medicine of materials needed in the acquisition of important have played a role. BALGÜÇ Foundation Introducing and maintaining useful to think it is. BALGÜÇ Foundation so far away from as much public interest worked a foundation,"he said.
Governor Ahmet Turhan Balıkesir is extremely modern medical school kavuşacağını söyledi.tıp of the Faculty of Balikesir an important gain would underline Governor Turhan,"Faculty of Medicine, the provinces with the privileged, tap jump and qualified among the provinces. Balikesir public and charitable ownership, contribute very important . This not only economically but also psychologically is to contribute. 2008-2009, as in a similar campaign start, philanthropist names of the Faculty of Medicine of our 108 rooms to want to write. philanthropists BALGÜÇ Foundation, governor our university admitted to the hospital room of our refurbishing can get a and names given our rooms. already contributing wholeheartedly thank our benevolent citizens,"he said.
Rector of the UAE. Dr.. Mahir Alkan refurbishment of the Faculty of Medicine of the objectives is to provide the meeting with the university and the city, he said. Balikesir University's growing every day that the city and for the region is a great value indicating that the President Doe,"Balikesir University, 39 thousand students and a great value. Balıkesir's social, cultural and economic life contribute greatly to have. Several years in the field of health enormous contribution to there. Our University School of Medicine for a while 10 thousand square meters in an area serving. New Medical School Our 46 thousand square meters was built on. surrounding roads are made.coming weeks, the use cases will be passed. Faculty carry the fact that other faculties easy but, for Faculty of Medicine difficult. because the devices shipped, the operating room will be moved, do the work next week will begin. Our goal range in the month of Faculty of Medicine Hospital uses to make,"he said.
Balıkesir University School of Medicine Implementation Hospital Furnishing assistance for wanting to make charitable BALGÜÇ they may apply to the Foundation reported. Accordingly, in the Faculty of Medicine refurbishment cost of a single room for two persons in a private room for 40 thousand pounds, while the 50 thousand pounds of the cost of the refurbishment was announced.

Balgüç, Medical Faculty Hospital Takes Action to Strengthen" comments for.


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