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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:30

Balıkesir Municipality's Logo Announced

Balıkesir Municipality's Logo Announced
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Balıkesir Municipality Assembly meeting was held in July .

Balıkesir news: Balıkesir Municipality Assembly meeting was held in July . At the meeting, Balıkesir Municipality's new logo was adopted unanimously .
Parliament before the meeting in a statement Mayor Ugur month of Ramadan, because every council member to the 70 pieces of 25 TL assistance cards will be distributed and each council member in the vicinity of the needy families of these cards wanted to give . Later polls and landing , starting with parliamentary session in Soma experienced mining accidents lost their lives in the workers'families the assistance with the large number of substances was adjudicated .
Balıkesir Municipality council meeting also new logo also to members of parliament offered. Unanimously adopted new logo was chosen from thousands of logos . Logon engaged in designing Media Soft firm authority Vital Senturk \"Thousands logo from a qualifying we had to do . These qualifiers at making both developments in the world of how both came to us logo with how it integrates , we them professionally through the eyes of how used we can make on it a work we do. Worldwide logo used the last condition of a simplification of the saw that . example, Paris, London, New York, Rome , Barcelona city like the logo of this type of simplification navigating to have . We also in this way the logo with Balıkesir what to represent , Balikesir symbols of what happened looked . above all Balikesir at a central point . 1.5-2 hour trip to Izmir , Bursa able to reach . Balikesir an intersection point is located. at the same time Turkey's two sea adjacent to six provinces from one of them. one other important symbol, a fountain, a clock tower, Zagnos Pasha Mosque Manyas Bird Sanctuary , the two are not adjacent to the sea , olive , olive oil, Yağcıbedir Carpets , Efe important elements representing Balıkesir . Yağcıbedir used in carpet patterns are also important . As we all know them from the logo with evaluating how can symbolize We thought we encountered some form of output , \"he said .
design of the logo in the two basic colors they said found şentürk , \"representing one of these marine blue, one green and the other , forestry , agriculture , representing green color was detected in abundance . Again, the necessity of using a font . For this, a lot of bids was proposed as a font called Frutiger . This font was developed in 1977 by Adrian Frutiger font. Today, 70 percent of media organizations in Turkey in the title , in the spotlight , always in the photo caption using this font . Quite a legible font . This font can be easily read by people of all nations prepared in style . Therefore, we Balıkesir Municipality of these fonts in the logo that we thought would be in place . Symbols that identify the logo in many of the proposals made to us was taking place . One of them represents the sea and the green . The middle wave, a reference to the sea . Another figure in the effort . This is a figure with open arms and also in view of zeybek efeu Bird Sanctuary also represents the birds . So more than a figurative one took care to explain something . Balıkesir-İzmir , Bursa, Çanakkale's center point . Therefore, an important gateway route and a road . Therefore, the figure of the logo's a way . If another issue is very important in Balıkesir agriculture . Olive , peach , apple . Even Balikesir Turkey's food source . For that reason, our logo and olive cultivation took place at a figure representing . Therefore, such a logo appeared before us , \"he said .
Balıkesir Municipality's logo was adopted unanimously .

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