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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 20:43

Banana harvest in Kütahya

Banana harvest in Kütahya
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Kütahya Municipality Physician Sinai Medical Plants Research Center of bananas produced in the first harvest was made.

Kütahya news: Kütahya Municipality Physician Sinai Medical Plants Research Center of bananas produced in the first harvest was made.
Kütahya Mayor Mustafa Ica, poet Sheikh Dumlupınar in the neighborhood of 11 thousand square meters in the center of over 400 medicinal plants are grown close, he said. In the center of continental climate with tropical fruits to be grown at initiation President noted that the Ica,"from 2010 Physician Sinai Medical Plants Research Center, our far field days have made, thyme, sage, medical mint as many products in the fields to grow the pioneering research center, today, tropical serayl in the Mediterranean region belonging fruit; banana 's in Kütahya be able to overtake have shown. them both to our people show as well as in the greenhouse located near 40 product oranges, tangerines, fruit, such as climatic conditions provide long as you can be grown wanted to tell. Kutahya, our Antalya, Istanbul on the highway strategic location as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara, Konya in the middle, Bursa and Eskisehir nearest neighbor is a province. But, unfortunately, from vehicle traffic We do not benefit., at least a contribution to ensure that you see here in our facility we produce and pilot applications with Our people come in person to live in that we want to project greenhouse Kütahya in the area at the crossroads again both production as well as offer for sale will have a place to be. production areas we do every species of plant in a separate architecture, the special serayl in our public interest I believe we will. This investment started. Hopefully, most recently completed, with the opening hope to do. Again, it is very important I think a project block plant are done. it tendered went on. 100 pounds chamomile to 2 pounds of fat have achieved. this as well as other plants extra Remove the fat, to obtain and pressing method economy could be contributing some special projects are also available. them also to apply the current field into a facility will establish. these facilities aim of fields derived from these products to the industry how to transfer, where the entrepreneurial brothers and sisters by offering them this wealth benefit from our ensures that we will have,"he said.
President Ica, after the speech, the first cut bunches of bananas and offered those attending the ceremony.

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