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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:22

Bar Reiterates Confidence in Isparta Gökmenoğl

Bar Reiterates Confidence in Isparta Gökmenoğl
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Which is one of Turkey's oldest bar Isparta Bar Association's 28th Ordinary General Assembly was held in Aysen Wedding Hall .

Isparta news: General Assembly of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey (TBB ) Board Member Atty. Alice Coachman, BAT Disciplinary Board Member Atty. Faik Stars the previous period due to Isparta Bar Association presidents and lawyers joined the Bar Association . The oldest member Gungor ÇAKMAKÇI Chairman of the Council's decision was made to bring alliances , was welcomed by everyone . 211 votes in the General Assembly of the list is the only hunting area . Gökmen Gökmenoğl the third period was elected Chairman of the Bar Association . During his tenure, the Bar Association lawyer houses and service buildings gain reflects the success Gökmenoğl , re-elected president after his speech \"Participation with once again unity and our rivets are . Attending all our colleagues our thanks we owe ,\"he said . In his opening speech to his colleagues and the press an important message that the heavens bearing Gökmenoğl in Turkey bar to 95 thousand lawyers registered stating that said:\"Isparta Bar Association registered 276 lawyers and dozens intern is located. Currently, Turkey studied law not received license 106 Faculty of Law exists and graduates that 73 of the Law Faculty , 32 state and 41 private universities as provides training . however, our attorneys social security is concerned , unfortunately occupational groups within the most disadvantaged segment represents . lawyers from 2008 to begin collective insurance with the removal of 4b'l as are evaluated. SSI premium payable with lawyers, unfortunately, health services do not benefit from . income tax rate of 20-25 per cent considered , and life nearly half of the courthouse corridors pass our lawyers when they are retired around 1200 £ pensions receive . \"


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