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  • 03 Aralık 2012, Pazartesi 15:11

Barbaros Şansal'dan rape confession!

Barbaros Şansal'dan rape confession!
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Who lived 1980 coup, tortured and famous fashion designer Barbaros Şansal a very bad day, at that time said that the police have been raped

Type-ki-to-the-winter-ing that the contralat-blood of the month from name-le-rin-bi-ri o ... Mes-le-gi-ni cate-s-ta-ken ' Ter-zi or-ma-fied ' de-yip, ge-chi-ing. Best-in-lek-tumor-hand from bi-ri-ki-aka-the-bone min-ka-ri-to-ri-ne ka-narrow-to-bi-ri-ver-ing what the premium.

"Sa-va-po ha-Yir "from the Er-ge-ne-con tu-tuk-lu-la-ri-na ka-tight all the O-lem, and the surface-tor-gait-s-tu-tu-ing the pre-pure." Have a single li-the-rim, he Ata-Turks" di-ing.

'' Gay-ret-te-, pe, and Be-Optimal-lu-'s BU-zin-from-la-ing-ing by all the business-ken-ce-le-ri-ni ba-na rin po-lis-le-do-there-fied in-ca-ta-ciz and Forget-ma-ing of VUZ-le-ri. Hay-narrow-pa-po-'from the tre-ne ko-nu-loop Es-ki-se-hi-r'-e con-rul-dum.'' said.

not forget the police harassment and rape

I'm not afraid of being expelled from INSIDE

'' at-re-s-s-h. No umu-rum-a de-gil, but in horse-maz-ing that ... Be-ing inward-ri at-ma-la-ing for 'yu-Does-snap g' ka-nu-nu-nu contralat-profit-, ma-la-la-total loss pain! ' ,"he said.

ATATURK WHY CHILDREN FLOWERS pants to enter parliament

" said.

"Cash-ke be-, as ni-ke-re-al-sa-s-di. Psi-ko-so-ma-tic disorder Zuk-ness di-to-ing at a ke-na-ra-cation. Ata-sort-k '-reputation undocumented chil-what-you-from-la-ing raw-and-shoot-with-me pan-to-lon-la Enter Mec-li-S'-to-sin? Most phase-la Mer-and Ka-quack-a CI ka-dar month-winter-ing ka-ous in-vestment. Hair-INI grapes, red bo-ya-side bur-ma bi-ruin-ous and-clay-s dead-ing or what I am than be-ma-either-Yim?"

Barbaros Şansal'dan rape confession!" comments for.


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