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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:32

Barber Armed Attack 3 arrests

Barber Armed Attack 3 arrests
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Adana barber shop in the attack led to the death of 2 people , 2 people were also released for trial alleged 2 of 3 out of 5 people were arrested pending caused the injury.

Adana news: According to information obtained
, event centers Gürselpaşa Quarter of Seyhan November 8, 2014 occurred the day . Allegedly, after accustomed to drug the children of poor families theft, fake gold fraud, drug dealing gang leader arrested in 2012 for allegedly make Yenal domestic (35) , Kenan Satara (24) runs , he came to the barber had a haircut . Native was then shave the beard . Meanwhile, it was the hostile Indians pilgrims Aytekin T. ( 21) and 5 friends came to the front of the barber began to fire . The Indians opened fire in the event Yenal Buy over Kenan died in hospital. T. Aytekin friend of pilgrims wounded being taken to hospital from the bullet that often, a person working in the barber was wounded in the hand . Police did extensive research on it. During the police investigation , alleged incident involving Bilal B. , Joseph A., T. Nesih , Serhat K. and took Haji A.'custody. After 4 days
questioned suspects were referred to court today . The suspects, who argued that the relevance of the event . The pilgrims Aytekin T. continue treatment in the hospital. After the treatment is finished to be referred to court. Bilal B. Nesih suspects that T. and K. Serhat issued by the court to the other two defendants were arrested was released pending trial does not .

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