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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:09

Barber Armed Attack Suspect in Courthouse

Barber Armed Attack Suspect in Courthouse
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Adana barber shop in the attack led to the death of 2 people , 2 people from 5 people alleged to cause injury , was referred to the court.

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, event centers in Quarter of Seyhan district Gürselpaşa November 8, 2014 occurred the day . Allegedly, after familiarizing them with the drug the children of poor families theft, fake gold fraud, drug dealing gang leader arrested in 2012 for allegedly make Yenal Indians (35) , Kenan Satara (24) runs that came to the barber was the haircut. Native was then shave the beard . Meanwhile, he is hostile Indians pilgrims T. Aytekin (21) and 5 friends came to the front of the barber began to fire . The Indians opened fire in the event Yenal Buy over Kenan died in hospital. T. Aytekin friend of pilgrims wounded being taken to hospital from the bullet that often, a person working in the barber was wounded in the hand . Police did extensive research on it. During the police investigation , the alleged incident involving Bilal B. , Joseph A., T. Nesih , Farhad Haji A.'A. and took into custody. After 4 days
questioned suspects were referred to court today . The suspects, who argued that the relevance of the event . T. Aytekin the pilgrims continue the treatment at the hospital. After treatment is completed will be sent to the court .

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