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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:53

Barriers' to be grafted to Civciv'l

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Corum Hittite University of Mechatronics and Alternative Energy Club students with orthopedic disabilities to enable them to travel in comfort has produced a special tool.

Corum Hittite University of Mechatronics and Alternative Energy Club students with orthopedic disabilities to enable them to travel in comfort has produced a special tool.
of university students"chick"named the disabled vehicle, completed in such a short period of about three weeks, was made ready for use. Ranging from 70 to 80 kilometers range of the vehicle, depending on the occupancy rate of the battery maximum speed of 70 km/h was limited. Signal System, horn system, mirrors, baskets, which can be locked in the vehicle is equipped with features like a basket off the wheelchair in the vehicle to comfortably make the boarding ramps available. Of the ramp system with remote control collapsible wheelchair while after entering the car fixed and include locking system for movement. In this way, the wheelchair user to travel safe is provided.
Orthopedic impairment that they use a wheelchair, a tool that they can use themselves without leaving the chicks were introduced at a press conference. Introduction meeting the governor and his wife Fatma Başköy Başköy Sabri Hittite University Rector. Dr.. Reha Metin Alkan, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. Dr.. Khalil Aykulu and students attended.
Time and era has changed the Governor expressed Sabri Başköy,"university youth, the industry it will realize. Turkish nation is now the world astonish required. Classical something to compete with must. World must surprise. Humanity's needs with products that are developed and the service of humanity we can offer. chick it the intention of the beginning,"he said.
in the world car ferry for the first time the Turks have invented the Governor expressed Başköy from Kadıköy to Sirkeci car that carries steamers for the first time by the Turks was invented in England or in another country, these non-project by the Turks realized that most people do not know, he said.
Ferry drawing of Turkey is doing manufacturing whereas in London voicing Governor Başköy history of the world to the car ferry to the Turkish engineers gain is emphasized.
this innovation called voicing Governor Başköy"The car's name why"chick"name I wondered if I asked. chicks free browsing though there inspired. these chicks do not underestimate. these chicks will grow more chickens will be. Roosters will be. I'm in. I will say. Our chicks grow tomorrow will be developed. fly it to avoid just get a patent need. Otherwise it just blew up. Immediate patents received. A disability is coming riding and wants as you are browsing. Here this innovation,"he said.
Turkish youth to be relied upon calling for the Governor Başköy any nation's youth young Turkish clever, no nation at Turkey intelligent of whether underlined.
Turkey's exports of the products average 1.5 dollars explaining Başköy,"Time has changed era changed ll notice that. countries' export figures are released when the product that you sell kilograms with the money you receive when you divide a weight How much money shaved can. Turkey from the goods exported by per kilo 1.5 U.S. dollars are winning. university youth industry it will realize the Turkish nation is now the world astonish required. anymore classic thing to compete with must. world must surprise. humanity's needs with products that are developed and the service of humanity we can offer. chicks it intends to start this chick hearts messengers the bridge has established. disabled people's lives facilitated. new products demonstrate our world astonish need to. Turks,'re gonna freak. Corum industry, the university's knowledge and curiosity when combined gonna happen nothing,"he said.
in the world, Turkey's"we are there"also the way this kind of chick starts from explaining Başköy,"Our youth, our universities with industry cooperation according to the needs of alternative presentations and designs making humanity will supply. Nobody free design does. everyone to make money no design. it even should develop more varieties interests. A chick universities face of the chord has. Volunteers Ambassadors project has contributed. Beauties is like the sun all heats. Turkey its own software that makes the world's first 5 between. most countries can not. National war industry, own our software are doing. Software apparatus for producing very important. software if you do not the secret to protect not. their own satellites our space sent. Tomorrow own our plane will do. train our wagon will do. them will be how study will be. This kind of thing we need,"he said.
Governor Başköy after the speech chicks construction contributed to the submitters were given plaques.

Barriers' to be grafted to Civciv'l" comments for.


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