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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:47

Bartin Province AK Party Solidarity Assembly Meeting was held

Bartin Province AK Party Solidarity Assembly Meeting was held
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Bart's AK Party provincial chairman attended the meeting organized by the Provincial Advisory Council of the AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Edible , \"a period in this country almost'God'could mean ayıplanıy .

Bartın news: The Prophet had become reprehensible means . Pilgrimage to say they went on pilgrimage had become embarrassed . Now 4 + 4 + 4-way in our schools is taught in the Qur'an . The life of our Prophet'Siyer Nebi'is also taught . Then our faith and our religion , should be the most majestic place again have been brought , \"he said .
Bartin AK Party provincial chairman by the City of Solidarity Assembly Meeting was held. Bartin Adult Education Center in the conference hall meetings held , AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin vegetable , the AK Party , Bart deputy Yılmaz Tunç , Provincial Chairman Yasar Arslan, Central District President Ali Eyüpustaoğl , Women's Wing President Jasmine Kurtkaya , district, town mayors and joined the party .
at the meeting opening speech AK Party Bartin Province Yasar Arslan \"As of yesterday our nation , our district convention in our district have completed all except . As of yesterday evening, the nations have made in our district . Apdipaş resort sandy and finishing in the elections , we will have completed this process . This sublime and holy path , the path of this case to reinforce our unity and hope from God . To be no occasion to eat on our meeting , \"he said .
AK Party deputy Yılmaz Tunç Bart , the\"Advisory Council meetings regularly every month are trying to do . In our province, we will inform you about the investments made . Consultations are doing here . These meetings are all held in our province . You can not see in other parties such regular meetings . The difference between the AK Party is emerging here . Follow our members of the organization of this meeting , they received at these meetings , consultations county borough in its own organization in consultative advisory council , even in villages and neighborhoods in terms of transfer of these meetings is very important. Our people , we are counting on you . We have a success . You are doing actions . You nation's money to the people are transferring said, and as we enter every election , the AK Party's vote increased output , \"he said .
Bronze after the speech podium from the AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Edible , the \"Forget human nature , which is a feature . Sometimes the pain of the days in which we live all over the world are experiencing a feeling like . Happiness also lived all over the world are feeling . We live in an always lived and continue to live with a feeling as if the people lived , there are some things worth remembering . Establish the connection to the past to know the history about our civilization that go far beyond the members of the organization must be one of the most important features . Because we know how good our past , if we remember well for the future of our connection to the tractor path we have set up our sound . Turkey on the way to the presidential elections with the slogan of the new Turkey has faced . Why Turkey as new citizens , all members of the organization and our team , our government made ​​statements . I're new here , Turkey Turkey is how I want to tell . Stone of the new Turkey is being installed , you need to evaluate history in a good way . When our nation , begun to walk upright , self-knowledge , begun to , become a force felt the look of a team focused on the side of the foot is solved, a period marked the beginning of an era has ended . A period in this country almost'God'would mean ayıplanıy . The Prophet had become reprehensible means . Pilgrimage to say they went on pilgrimage had become embarrassed . Now 4 + 4 + 4-way in our schools is taught in the Qur'an . The life of our Prophet'Siyer Nebi'is also taught . Then our belief that our religion was brought back to the most majestic places . Only those who believe in Islam has brought me to this point . Today, Armenians, Assyrians owned by foundations were returned . Be returned in their honor were also provided . In Turkey, this time saying coup attempts over the full output of 6-7 October event . This time , who used all the elements differ . Travel events in the streets of the nation called the CHP , was not successful. Now that poisons the flag of Turkey on October 6 to 7 events in Turkey again faced with people looting and çapulculukl people were killed , burned and destroyed a two-day lived. Who said it , who animate the streets , HDPE , so why HDPE . Çatışmazlık process had approximately 2 years in Turkey . 2 years to close the solution process has gained the top spot . 2 years does not come close to the martyrs , people do not die. The last 12 years in democratization in Turkey under the name of Turkey from all over the people, the geography of every opportunity given , everybody request somewhere comfortable to come way out, there Kurdish citizens, God, this nation , this state also Recep Tayyip Erdogan began to pray that a how is it that in the process at a time when the nation had relaxed a party that claims to represent them on the streets to loot the people he is calling exit . Because they are losing . Aware that they are losing . Turkey is a great nation . Because the Republic of Turkey to manage and govern the nations which support faith with the values ​​of the civilization , with passion , revealing the dignity of the human being has a magnificent structure . Assad's embrace of people fleeing persecution have a Turkey . But when opening lap so that you did not look Arab . You did not look lest Turkmen . You did not look lest Kurds . Who commanded the Anatolian territory was hope for help came from , \"he said .

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