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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:42

Bartin Province in the Department of Justice and Development Party Bayramlaşma

Bartin Province in the Department of Justice and Development Party Bayramlaşma
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AK Party Bartin Province holy ceremony was held in the Department .

Bartın news:
AK Party held at the Department of Bartin Province met the party in the holy ceremony . Holy ceremony , the AK Party, Bart MPs Yilmaz Bronze, 22 Year old AK Party deputy Asim Ears Provincial Chairman Yasar Arslan, Central District President Ali Job Ustaoğlu , Women's Wing President Jasmine Kurtkaya , members of the organization and joined the party .
Deputy Bronze at the ceremony in his speech , \"Nations will to be our living , keeping unity and brotherhood feelings reinforce , in many beauty and wisdom that hosts the Feast of Sacrifice once again to reach peace , joy and abundance are living . Eid al-Adha , the peace of peace , history cognizant , the poor and homeless in helpless to rapprochement is a holiday . joys are shared , hearts Costa , where hearts softened , relatives and neighbors visited the orphans and orphans delighted that , sharing and solidarity peaked on the feast days of the resentment of the forgotten humanity's peace, as a nation, a peaceful future to be instrumental in God'tan wish. Almighty God's call obey his whether on a pilgrimage mien to the holy land the pilgrims with our whole Islamic world , our nation and Bartınlı the citizens of my blessed Eid-ul congratulate loved ones a happy and peaceful nice holidays I wish, \"he said.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Yasar Arslan , the \"Nationally increase our joy , brotherhood feelings, which strengthened our unity and would like to realize a better Eid . Our religious festivals , our great religion of Islam as it is ordered , that the peace of resentful of the poor that protect and preserve the solidarity of the most intimate examples given are exceptional times . In the roots of our nation with the soul of Islam that integrates existing and human virtues, the most exuberant festivals as it is experienced , is remembered . Love, brotherhood , solidarity as human values, our top spot out these special occasions significant to make the point , resentment and bitterness aside, leave , love, respect and tolerance sound re-let us raise , brotherhood and our solidarity reaffirmed once again cuddle . These feelings within my countrymen very valuable and cherished blessed our nation is celebrating Eid al-Adha , wish health and well-being . This beautiful holiday excitement to cheer the hearts of all hope , \"he said .
Then the party was holy .


Bartin Province in the Department of Justice and Development Party Bayramlaşma" comments for.


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